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Dear Korean Reader !


 The Korean and Israeli peoples have much more in common than one would think at first sight. Both are very ancient people who maintained their cultures and values faithfully under all difficult circumstances.  Both are peace-loving nations who are ready to defend bravely their independence, so hardly won.


 Take-A-Pen! -'s purpose is to spread the truth about Israel's life and struggle for survival, mostly through letters written by people around the world, who have seen Israel and understand the situation there.  Our letter-writers may be Jews, Christians, secular people or people of any faith. 


 We are inviting You to read these pages, and to write your own letter to your newspaper or to a politician, whenever you see injustice about Israel and feel you can contribute to the truth. Your letter will help to reduce hostilities and to reach peace here.


 The web-site provides you with practical tools for your letter-writing.  So write, and send us a copy of your letter, for publication on our site.  And if you have any question or idea, write to us, contact us, we shall love to talk with You! 


Endre Y. MOZES



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