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Watch the Palestinians create "news items" of faked wounded and killed.

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  Take a Pen's media watch announced the following liars of the month:
  Liar of the Month October: French Press Agency AFP
  Liar of the Month July: Associated Press
  Liar of the Month May: Haaretz

Liar of the Month April: The Guardian
A Success: The Guardian published a Correction after Take-A-Pen's Justified Complaint !

  Liar of the Month March: CNN

Abu Mazen, on whom so many hopes have been pinned since Arafat's fortunate demise, is reverting to the 'good old' - deceiving but effective - Palestinian rhetoric.

To learn about the anatomy of Palestinian propaganda, read the article of Daniel Pipes: "Palestinian Word Games"


Saeb Erekat (I.O.M)

 (Inventor of massacres)

Saeb Erekat, the notorious "Liar,liar" is here again:
The Old Story:    Bret Stephens: "Liar,liar!"          

Red Cross Ambulance used for transport of Palestinian terrorists

Download the Reuters movie proving UN ambulances serve Palestinian terror

(2452 kB)

The Real Face of Rachel Corrie

Not quite the peace activist she has been portrayed as.


"Alarm for journalists!"

Decent people hate to speak about lies, but Philadelphia Inquirer staffer Michael Matza seems to have reached just such a point that in his Oct. 6 story titled "In desperation, Palestinians spin tales to rally support," Matza took on a disturbing angle on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians that is rarely reported in the mainstream press: The Palestinians Lie.
Read Jonathan S. Tobin on Matza's conclusions.

PA Historians falsify history:

Like all totalitarian regimes, the Palestinians try to rewrite history.

'A Special Way to Lie: Polls with Leading Questions -
 See letter to BBC who did that'

Staged desperation
Watch out for co-liars - this is the way the press cheats us

You’ve probably seen dozens of pictures of Palestinian women crying. The wire services love ’em, decent people sympathize with them.
We all were misled once or more.
Have a look now for a second behind the scenes. Today another revealing photo slipped through the ideological filters, showing the scene as a Palestinian woman performs for a hungry battery of cameramen, staged carefully in front of a picturesque section of the security wall.

By mere co-incidence she chose the English inscription where to cry. One look at the smiling child on the right side makes it clear that this kid well understands the cheating media circus. Is it possible that hundreds of news editors and human right organizations do not?"

Photographers take pictures of a Palestinian woman as she cries next to the 8-meter-tall wall part of the barrier Israel is building to separate the outskirts of Jerusalem from the West Bank in the village of Abu Dis Saturday Feb. 7, 2004. .. (AP Photo/Enric Marti)
The Empire of Lies that threatens all of us

What is the responsibility of the media?
And what can we do?

Regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict in the mass media of the world frequently equal weight is given to information from corrupt police states and proven liars as to information from a vigorous, self-critical democracy.
The pious but fatuous posture is that this is somehow fair, as if truth existed in a moral vacuum, something to be measured by the yard, like calico. Five million Jews in Israel are a vulnerable minority surrounded by 300 million Muslims governed for the most part by authoritarian regimes, quasi-police states that in more than 50 years have never ceased trying to wipe it out by war and terrorism. They muzzle dissent and critical reporting, they run vengeful penal systems and toxic schools, they have failed in almost every measure of social and political justice, they deflect the frustrations of their streets to the scapegoat of Zionism and they breed and finance international terrorism.

Yet many times it is Israel that is regarded with skepticism and sometimes hostility.
This Empire of Lies of the Palestinian Authority and of a large part of the Islam world incites its own population to unprecedented hatred. This Empire of Lies with the help of a greedy an unscrupulous part of the Western media, also threaten the values of the whole democratic civilization, which is a relatively easy victim, having get used to, more or less, speak the truth and believe what is told.

The weak front where the forces of the empire of lies broke through our lines of defense, is the greedy and unscrupulous part of our Western media. Now, is this simply the media's business? Or, is the media responsible? Can the media be held responsible if and when distributing such lies, leading to conclusions which are not much short of blood libels? Is there a chance for a self-purifying process within the media? No easy answers.

One thing for sure. A demanding public may contribute a lot to a better media, by expressing itself actively, in letters to editors, to journalists and to decision-makers. Actually You can take a pen into your hand, write and influence!

Endre Mozes,

Chairman of Take a Pen

More notorious Palestinian Lies:
3 Lies in 5 Words - Qurei:
"Racist Wall will not bring Security"
The history of Palestinian terror having murdered 684 Israeli civilians in the last three years teaches the same: NOT ONE out of the 125 'successful' suicide bombers entered Israel through Gaza's 12 year-old simple wire fence and electronic alarm system!

Fishy Photo
How AFP (Agence France-Presse) cheats us, by means of a wide-angle (fisheye) lens to generate an effect of broad, exaggerated destruction.
Liar, liar
Middle East's most professional liar: Saeb Erekat, Palestinian "minister of Truth" and inventor of the Lie of the "Jenin massacre", that never was.
Seven Lies about Jenin
Eyewitness report on the fake documentation of the "Jenin massacre", that never was.
The News That CNN Never Brought You

CNN executive Eason Jordan admits that the network regularly covered up stories of Iraqi torture and atrocities
Take a Pen's Encyclopedia of Famous Palestinian Lies
Endless lies about the Jews & Israel
How to deal with them?

Palestinian Authority:
"Israel conspired to burn Al-Aqsa Mosque, Golda Meir "laughed"

The Palestinian Authority (PA) regularly invents and disseminates distorted versions of history that present Israelis as villains and Palestinians as victims. One of the most prominent examples, which receives great attention every year, rewrites history by blaming Israel for a 1969 arson attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.




The Stories Behind the Pictures!

The above-left is a famous Associated Press photo showing Israeli troops arresting a young Palestinian child. This photo was sent around the world faster than you could say "Israeli brutality!" It was seen at pro-Palestinian rallies and on anti-Israel websites throughout the world as visible proof that the Palestinians are truly innocent victims.

But notice the above-right photo taken by the very same photographer just minutes earlier. It shows the same little 'innocent" kid throwing rocks at these soldiers. This picture was of course not sent around!


How is it possible that Palestinian children are killed in gun fights?

Look at the pictures below, taken by a Palestinian photographers

A masked Hamas militant sets up a makeshift mortar launcher against Israeli forces, unseen, as Palestinian youths try to cover him from the sight of the forces during an incursion in a Gaza city's neighborhood, Wednesday Feb. 11, 2004. Israeli troops moved into a neighborhood at the eastern edge of Gaza City early Wednesday, killing atleast 14 Palestinians and wounding at least 27 others in exchanges of fire, residents said, sparking the bloodiest fighting in Gaza in four months. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)
Source:Yahoo News


Anywhere in the world fighting parties are interested to keep their children away from the violence.

Not so the Palestinians. A child victim has more media value than an adult victim.

Bloopers from the Palestinian media theater.
AP and Reuters show how they
cooperate with Palestinian people acting in front of the cameras.

Read our analysis