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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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How Media Misleads us

Of course not all the media mislead us, most do an honest service to the public. Even so there are mistakes, human errors, worth our corrections. Worse are the deliberate manipulations or lies - even if this is minority, the damage and injustice caused by such distortions, both to victims and to media credibility, is tremendous. We all know it's much easier to destruct than to build.


Look in this section for examples of misleading and libelous media campaigns, and also...

Media's Presidential Bias and Decline

The problem is NOT which party do you prefer, but that “The traditional media are playing a very, very dangerous game -- with their readers, with the Constitution and with the media’s own fates” – as Malone starts. “Now, of course, there's always been bias in the media” he admits later, BUT... This is one of the most interesting insider articles about media bias – and about the media’s future…

Crying Palestinian actress, an AP foto, with story.

Watch out for co-liars - this is the way Western Media cheat you You've probably seen dozens of pictures of Palestinian women crying. The wire services love 'em, decent people sympathize with them. It turns out, we all have been misled once or more.

AP Blames Israel For Making Palestinians Want to Destroy It

AP Blames Israel For Making Palestinians Want to Destroy It" - by Barry Rubin September 26, 2008. The AP regularly publishes selected one-sided pro-Palestinian propagandistic articles. So it misleads the public about the current state of the Israel-Palestinians peace process and about the responsibility of the two sides. The present article gives an overview of such AP articles

HOW DARE SHE BE A WOMAN? American media bias

Whether we supported Dems or Reps, we expect an informative and fair media coverage. Take-A-Pen’s Media “Stories” are written mostly about extreme cases of: anti-Israeli bias, distortions, fabrications and deliberate lies. This article of Tom Gross below presents a surprising American Media ‘Story’, about: anti-Palin bias, distortions, fabrications and deliberate lies – interestingly by the same media elite: New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian.

New Evidence that British Journalism is Biased

We sadly found and said it for years that a large part of the British mainstream media covers the Arab-Israeli conflict and the life in Israel with a strong anti-Israel bias, frequently on the border of propaganda and hate-speech. I am sorry to say that by international comparison the British media is probably the worst in this respect in the world of free press. And please don't tell me that this is only one half of it, or even less than half; the sad fact is that a large part of the apple is,

BBC's "Jenin–massacre" that never was

Our first such major issue in this Submission-I below is on the BBC News' coverage of the Battle of Jenin in April 2002 and on until today, which spread many times the false 'news' and 'data' on the 'Jenin massacre' - that never was. We submit this case now because the terrible damage and pain this libel caused has never been properly undone and the'massacre' libel sticks on Israel until today, November 2005...

BBC coverage of the battle of Jenin – the so-called demolition of a refugee camp

This letter deals with the BBC's reporting on the battle of Jenin in April 2002, in particular the false reporting on the extent of destruction in the Palestinian refugee camp. Although it started in 2002, this complaint is absolutely valid even today, since the reporting exists up till today on the BBC website...

Handling Major Complaints by the BBC

This Submission II relates to the impartiality aspect of BBC procedures and practice for Handling Major Complaints. We believe that an open and fair complaint handling procedure is an essential tool for maintaining impartiality...

Dishonest journalism: AFP caught red-handed in libelous mistake - but doesn't issue correction

On Oct. 12, Agence France-Presse (AFP) - one of the world's 'big three' wire agencies - opened its report on the IDF's Gaza operation with a false statement...


(contd.) positive cases when such falsities were successfully disclosed and cancelled.
Look at some famous staged photos like ‘Crying Palestinian Woman” or read about the Palestinian/France-2 ‘ Mohammad Al Dura Fraud ‘, challenged in the Paris trial. Read the ‘Pallywoood’ sub-section – mass manufacture of false ‘News’ by the Palestinian Lie Industry.

Read about similar falsifications by certain Western media, serving, even if unwittingly, the interests of global terror. And, Write your own letter.
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