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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Letters to VIP's



Apartheid or Not in Israel? - A great Letter


Letter of Complaint: The West Dunbartonshire Council's Boycott Is ACTIVELY RACIST


Open Letter to NY Times columnist Tom Friedman

Maurice Ostroff''s Open Letter of Feb.18, 2011 presents in soft language and proves with surgical accuracy several cases of discrimination and systematic bias against Israel by Thomas Friedman

Open Letter of AJC President Ronald Lauder to President Obama


An open letter to Rt Hon, David Miliband

March 25th 2010
It is with great respect that I suggest that several aspects of the Dubai imbroglio, of which you may not be aware, may lead you, as a fair-minded person, to reconsider the views you presently hold.

To: Ambassador D.Jorge Dezcollar de Mazarredo


Open Letter to Lord Phillips of Sudbury

By Jonathan Hoffman
February 1, 2010
What gives away your lack of impartiality is your comment that non-Jewish critics of Israel are silent for fear of being labelled ‘antisemitic’....

EMAIL FROM AN OLD FRIEND - To Judge Richard Goldstone

“Richard, you were indeed a respected legal giant in Johannesburg. This report did not arise from ignorance or naivete. I am trying so hard to resist the conclusion that your role and report might represent a self-serving desire to ingratiate yourself for a more senior position in the kangaroo court called the United Nations. But if true-and one hopes that this is not the case-at what price?...” )

OPEN LETTER To Norway’s Minister of Finance Ms. Kristin Halvorsen

I thought it would be the honor you well deserved if I express somehow how your deeds remind me of the most widely known Norwegian politician of all times. Limitless ambition, talent and eagerness to embrace Israel’s deadly enemies are your common denominators. May I express my deep gratitude to you for the divestment of Norwegian government-controlled funds from the Israeli company Elbit, which, you thought, is manufacturing parts of the Israeli security “wall”.

NEW TAP Submission to UN Mission: Hamas Human Shields on Aerial Maps!


Take-A-Pen Memorandum to UN Gaza Fact-finding Mission - AS SUBMITTED


Latest Open LETTER by Maurice to UN Chief Justice Richard Goldstone


Second LETTER to the President of Switzerland - update 21April


Open Letter to the President of Switzerland


Letter to Secretary General of the United Nations

A 74 year old woman was killed, a person died later of his wounds and there were many wounded by an Arab suicidal terror attack in Dimona, Israel today.
The Palestinian reaction in Gaza was celebration, dancing and distributing sweets and flowers in the streets...

Sehr geehrte Kanzlerin Angela Merkel!

A 74 year old woman was killed, a person died of his wounds later, and there were many wounded by an Arab suicidal terror attack in Dimona, Israel, yesterday, 2008.2.4. The Palestinian reaction in Gaza was: celebration of the "success", dancing and distributing sweets and flowers to drivers and everybody in the street...

Israel's right to defend herself against terror and build a security barrier

All UN member countries protect their borders, at sea, at land routes and at airports, by strict physical and legal means, from any illegal immigration or illegal workforce.
In Israel the security fence being built now, is against much graver Palestinian crimes...

Reader's Letter: Christians in Bethlehem – Wally Leaf To: DAILY MAIL

The International Development Committee of the House of Commons the Committee commendably keeps me informed about their work. This is a continuation of Take-A-Pen''s three major submissions to this Committee in the past ....

Demonstrating THE POWER of Taking Your Pen:

Resignation of Chris Davies as leader of British Lib Dem MEPs - for meeting Hamas leaders and calling Israel an apartheid state ! Read an outstanding Citizen''s Letter - by Joy Wolfe...

LETTER to The PRESIDENT of the Republic of IRELAND

I have just read that Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has refused to condemn statements made by former minister Justin Keating on the subject of Israel and the Palestinians. I read Mr Keating''s piece when it appeared, and I was horrified by its blatant anti-Semitic content and its absolute lack of factual accuracy (you may recall that I was originally an academic in Middle East and Islamic Studies)...

BBC – an Accomplice to Terror?

I am writing this letter as one who was once an admirer of the BBC but who today feels, together with an entire nation and with a whole truth-loving international grass-roots organisation I represent here, being victimized by what we see as the malpractices of the BBC News and political commentaries. I am attempting herewith to propose to you a co-operation in investigating out-of-court a most serious suspicion against certain BBC malpractices...
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