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Bush-bashing is not enough for understanding Ahmadinejad

To: TIME magazine Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 Dear Editor! Re: Joe Klein's 'Inflated Little Man'  Intended for publication Respectfully, Endre MOZES  


To: TIME Magazine                                                

Letter Editor                                                                    October 5, 2007


Bush-bashing is not enough for understanding Ahmadinejad


Sir, - Re: Joe Klein: ‘Inflating a Little Man' (Oct 8, 2008):


Klein's main argument why we should not think Ahmadinejad being another Hitler is that neoconservatives think so.

Klein declares already in the subtitle, without any argumentation, in a way which would fit better good old Stalinist or McCarthyist times than our time and your TIME, that who thinks differently from him is ‘dishonest'. (And later also: ‘foolish', ‘disingenuous with lethal intent' and ‘plumps for war').


'No, thanks' for such a ‘liberal' freedom of thought. - I, for one, do think that Ahmadinejad's incitement to genocide and potential nuclear threats must be taken very seriously.  Klein's approach reminds me to Chamberlain's, or the BBC's which for years until 1939 denied the microphone from Winston Churchill, let him not offend ‘Herr Hitler' - whom Churchill had declared marching dangerously towards ‘becoming a Hitler'.

Let's not wait to see similar things happening again.


The article gave six rude blows to neocons plus two to Bush - analysis completed. Please, dear TIME, return to your more than one-sided analyses.


Chairman, Take-A-Pen
Haifa, Israel



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