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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Take-A-Pen versus "The Wall"

β€œLet's remove all fences in the world!”

One of the fiercest media battles in these years has been about Israel's Security Fence - what was widely denounced as 'The Wall'.


Take-A-Pen's article and photo collection "Let's remove all fences in the world!" - compiled by our Dr Yair Malachi - gained remarkable international interest.


We were contacted by several journalists from the world, and within a few days our ironic article was translated into numerous languages and appeared on many related websites. We were surprised to receive even a Japanese translation (see below)!  Our "Remove all fences" article is still on our website, in English, with its 10 illustrations, at: http://www.take-a-pen.org/english/Fences.htm  (See two of the ten illustrations; the Spanish and the Northern Ireland "Walls" - or rather security fences - on the next page.


The international echo shows the potential of volunteers, of friends of Israel, all over the world, cooperating with Take-A-Pen.  See here the Japanese translation of our report on the fence - or wall - the US built on its Mexican border.  :



Have a look now at two further fences, in Europe, on the next page

And here are two of those fences (or should they be called "walls"?) in Europe:





A fence in Europe??  Built by the champion of democracies?
In Northern Ireland this time, where thanks to wise British policy, Catholics and Protestants have been living together in peace for centuries. So why on earth do they need a fence?! Let's get rid of it! Write to Mr. Blair. He - and the British judge of the international jury in the Hague - have never heard of these fences in Belfast!


Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, Prime Minister

Postal address

10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA



0207 925 0918




Another one in Europe! Is it possible in Xavier Solana's own country?!

Spain erected a barbed wired fence, guarded by soldiers, in Ceuta, on the border with Morocco, in order to keep illegal workers (coming without bombs) out of Spain.

Write to:
Presidente del Gobierno de España, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Complejo de La Moncloa, 28071 Madrid, fax 91-335-32-15



As usual Take-A-Pen did not stop at issuing a Call for Letter-writing to 'defend the wall', but have provided the necessary information, ideas, sample letters and the addresses needed, too.

A letter-writing activist anywhere in the world who knows our website http://www.take-a-pen.org/  can find there brief and effective answers to practically all the known propaganda lies against Israel's security fence; like: "a high concrete Wall', an "Apartheid wall" or "closing the Palestinians behind walls as in prison". -   Briefly: it is not a wall around Palestinians; it is a barrier around Israel; against terrorists entering Israel as easily as in the past.                                                                      (EM/YM)

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