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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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We removed from this page the details, the Take-A-Pen editorials and the numerous letter examples of two previous Letter-Writing Calls; and leave here brief reminders only. 

One such LWC was about:


a) Tragedy in Beit Hanoun                                             

Updated 10 November 2006

Today's main news item is Beit Hanoun. The tragic death of twenty civilians there.

Was it a massacre or the very sad side effect of war and of ongoing Palestinian policy to expose their own civilians to danger - if not to use them directly as living human shield?

Read the facts in context in this Take-A-Pen editorial on the tragedy.  

And wherever you see the truth twisted about Beit Hanoun in these days, write your short letter to the media or to a politician, to defend the truth.

b) Another LWC, sometimes still actual:

Letter-Writing Call about the second Lebanon War and its AFTERMATH         

Updated 1 October 2006


Help to save Israel - and the whole world - from further terror threats AND LIES by Hizballah, Hamas and their sort!

Support Whole-heartedly the Implementation of the results of Israel's operations in Lebanon and Gaza;

in order to save Israel from future Hizballah and Hamas rocket threats;

and to topple the terrorist rules of Hizballah in Southern Lebanon and of Hamas in Gaza.  


Facts and figures about the war:

In one month (from mid-July until 14 August 2006) about 4000 Hizballah rockets have been indiscriminately launched on civilian targets in Northern Israel. Half of them were short range Katyusha rockets used along the border. The other half was mid-range rockets, up to 75km range, 23O to 340 mm diameter size, each filled with thousands of steel balls to maximize human casualties. Such rockets hit Haifa. To use such rockets against civilian population - is a War Crime.
(Read about Hizballah and Hamas war crimes in English, German, Dutch, Finnish etc on this website.)
Under such circumstances the wisdom and discipline of the civilian population - and good luck - kept casualties relatively low, some say miraculously low.

Hezbollah's rocket arsenal was estimated at 14,000 rockets before it initiated the present war. Today it is believed to have been much larger; about 20,000. Hezbollah - or Hizballah - has been the only terror organization on earth having a significant earth-to-earth rocket arsenal. Hizballah is much more than one terrorist organization, it is the regional arm of the fundamentalist Islam and the expansionist Iranian regime, armed up to the teeth, able to take over the whole Lebanon.

A large part of this arsenal is still operational and threatens Israel's civilian occupation. That is why Israel insists to remove armed Hizballah from South Lebanon and to restore Lebanese sovereignty along the border. This is a pre-condition to decrease the missile threat from Lebanon. This is the dream of the Lebanese people too.

Fighting went on for a month. By its air, sea and land operations the Israel Defense Force took control of the Hizballah strongholds in South Lebanon up to the Litany river some 12 km from the border.  The Israeli Air Force has executed above 15,000 flights over Lebanon, attacked 7,000 Hizballah objects; like rockets, rocket launchers, weaponry and ammunition caches, stores, commander bunkers and other military targets. Israel destroyed a large part of Hizballah's military infrastructure. Criticism inside Israel on the way the war was managed assumes that the damage IDF did to Hizballah's military potential was not as devastating as it should have been.  The reason: the IDF gave high preference to keeping Lebanese civilian casualties low; it was a sometimes almost paralyzing self-constraint.

 Israel mourns its 170 dead, of them 46 civilians killed in Northern Israel. Lebanon reports (depending on the sources) around 950 casualties, calling almost all of them "civilians", cynically including in this number all the Hizballah gunmen killed whom Israel estimates between 500 to 700. We can use 550 for the Hizballah casualties as a sound and cautious estimate. The only connection of these Hizbollah fighters to civilians had been that they operated regularly among or from behind the back of the civilian population, and frequently in civilian disguise. The truly civilian casualties in Lebanon are estimated at 400 (about 950 total casualties minus the estimated 550 Hizbollah fighters killed), as many tragedies, but none of these civilians as such were deliberately killed.

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