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Walkway to Moghrabi Gate

To: The BBC,

Haveyoursay,  haveyoursay@bbc.co.uk

08 February 2007 16:17

Sub: Walkway to Moghrabi Gate

 BBC's reports from Jerusalem on this merely help to incite the Arab street instead of informing viewers of the facts.

 The viewers can see the Western Wall behind the BBC reporter, who is standing next to the bulldozer. The el-Aksa Mosque is beyond the Western Wall, more than 300m from the bulldozer. The Mosque stands on the upper Temple Mount plaza. Herod enlarged this area by building a gigantic retaining wall on bedrock. He used huge stones, many of which weigh more than 400 tons. The Western Wall is a part of this retaining wall. It is impossible to dig through or under such a massive wall, and BBC's reporter sees it well too, but doesn't tell.

The Arab fears for their Mosque have no foundation. The BBC should report facts instead of Islamist myths to appease the Arab world.


Charles Oren



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