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The Crisis in Jerusalem is NOT because of Israeli Construction Work - It Is Because of Orchestrated Islamist Incitement

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - See 2 NEW pictures=2000 words here below:

International Islamism is inciting again, using as pretext the long due, safety-type construction works done by Israel at  the Mughrabi Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, works which were fully communicated well in advance to all involved Muslim authorities,  like to the WAKF and to Jordanian authorities..     This first photo( taken by Take-A-Pen's team) shows clearly how far the El-Aksa mosque is from the Mugrabi pedestrian walkway and from the Israeli excavations (300 meter afar);


and here comes the photo of Reuters, taken by a strong tele-objective lens, from an angle which does not show the 'dead' horizontal areas    -    this is THE KNOWN PROFESSIONAL WAY OF CHEATING THE EYE;  AS IF the mosque is very close.

An unintentional mistake? Probably not; if we know this rule then Reuters surely knows.


 It is important to know that these Israeli construction works are physically far and structurally totally independent from the 'Temple Mount' - as Jews call the place since they built the Temple there more than 3000 years ago ('Har haBa'it' in Hebrew), as Christians also call it since they read the Bible, or 'Haram-al-Shareef' as Muslims call it since Islam exists; that is for almost 1400 years now.

 Read further this Take-A-Pen Letter-Writing Call. Read the Facts, Jerusalem Municipality and other statements about the case, but what can open eyes more than anything are a few actual readers' viewers'  and similar letters, responding to factual errors (or deliberate distortions - in which unfortunately the BBC is the leader again).

Therefore we'll start here with these Letters.

 We call you and ask you to Write your own short Letter to your paper, TV station and/or politician - to keep them informed and on the right track.

 Let's NOT wait until inaccuracies, fabrications and incitement are convincing the world and besmirching Israel AGAIN - as in so many cases before!

Let's not wait until violent Islamist demonstrations!

WRITE right, and write right NOW! 


Take-A-Pen! http://www.take-a-pen.org/

E. M.  

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