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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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900 Reasons to Build the Security Fence

by Take-A-Pen's Endre Mozes.   Yesterday, on 30 December 2003 Ehud Barak, Israel's Prime Minister until the beginning of 2001, gave a lecture in Haifa, on the invitation of the National Security Institute beside the Haifa University.   Barak, a staunch supporter of separation from the Palestinians told about his meeting last month with US Vice President Dick Cheeney, to whose scrupuli why Israel builds that "snaking " security barrier, Barak told him: Israel has its scrupuli also, but has 900 reasons to build the security fence: one can count them in Israel's cemeteries. More exactly, he said , he should have told 700. This is the number of Israeli citizens, their overwhelming majority absolute non-combatants, who were killed by suicide-bombers who easily infiltrated from Palestinian held territories. NOT ONE suicide bomber succeeded to come from Gaza, where there is a security fence, though it is 12 years old and rather primitive one.   This strong argument can be used in your letters defending the case for the Security Fence or Barrier, quoting or not Ehud Barak.
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