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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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The Al Dura Story and Call

Who "killed" the Al-Dura kid, online?

                                       Take a Pen's Al-Dura Cartoon on YouTube

Backgrounder to the Al-Durra Cartoon*


   Let's speak seriously about The Story - which is behind the seemingly light-minded 2 minutes long Comics flash movie: Who killed the Al Dura kid, on-line?  - The Al-Durra Story** has all the ingredients of humankind's greatest epics: a tragic story, full of

doubts and mysteries, may be not true at all, however influencing the life of masses of people and even mainstream history; beyond logic and beyond imagination.  Watch the Comics Video's Update after the verdict: "Who killed the kid? Did Muhammed Al Durra really die? THE VERDICT"

   Comics about a tragedy?! This comics' goal, or attempt, is: to bring the truth about this great story, this history-changing libel, to the widest possible audience. Since the great comics book "MAUS" brought successfully the human side of the Holocaust to many million previously uninvolved people, by images of mice cats and pigs only, the comics form is not limited to light stories any more.   

   On September 30, 2000 all honest people on earth watched with horror...

Read the whole article, also about: Icon of hatred - Doubts and suspicions - Where is the raw footage? - The day of truth - The future? - Workshop secrets - Bullet-holes - Is the child living? - International Experts / What to do now?

To watch the movie in High Quality CLICK HERE 


Call for Letter-Writing: We suggest that You write a letter to your paper, requesting that they report about the the Paris Al-Dura Trial and the growing evidence, showing that the Al Dura movie and its statements were at least not authentic - probably a straightforward fake. The public, after it was fed by the Al Dura hate icons for years without due checking, must know about the truth or at least the doubts. 

View Sample Letter

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