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Published August 2014
Mr. Endre Mozes
What would you think while reading this in your paper: "A sex offender network consisting of prominent members of the Swedish elite has been revealed recently in Stockholm. In a country where child molesting had happened too many times in the past, as reported then by daily news and artistic literature alike, it still comes as a shock when undisclosed sources reveal a sex offender network consisting of parts of the Swedish elite, possibly involving past and present cabinet ministers...
Published June 2014
Earlier Israel released 1000 terrorists with blood on their hands, to free its captured soldier, Gilead Schalit. This year Israel released 86 convicted Arab murderer terrorists, to bring the Palestinians to the peace negotiating table. Then Mahmoud Abbas left the negotiations and announced a deal with Hamas. Had he negotiated in good faith? Or simply took the merchandise and left without paying. What is wrong with Israel's negotiations? A Nobel Prize winning expert tells what to do.
Published May 2014
Endre Mozes
We don't know much about the representatives of Hamas, internationally recognized as a terror organization. The Palestinian Authority must be much better. Let's see, Dr Saeb Erekat is their official Chief Peace Negotiator. Both direct and indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians through US mediation are suspended for many months now and Erekat has been the leading opponent of renewing the peace talks. He speaks always about the Palestinian desire for just peace and blames Isra
Published January 2013
Eric Hoffer, LA Times, May 26th, 1968
The Jews are alone in the world.
If Israel survives, it will be solely because of Jewish efforts. And Jewish resources.
Yet at this moment, Israel is our only reliable and unconditional ally.
We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us.
And one has only to imagine what would have happened last summer [1967] had the Arabs and their Russian backers won the war, to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West in general.
Published April 2012
Tomas Sandell
Finland ’s foreign policy has traditionally been characterized by caution and realism. Whereas for a long time our political leaders had to pursue a policy of appeasement, after joining the EU Finland has tried to find a more independent line.
After a number of statements and decisions that drew attention in recent weeks, however, there arises a question: is Finland ’s pragmatic foreign policy being radicalized under the Social Democrats’ leadership?
Shall Finland support the EU-labeled terro
Published January 2012
Published November 2011
Richard J. Goldstone
Published May 2011
Published March 2011
Published February 2011
Ron Prosor
Published January 2011
Bernard-Henri Lévy
One boycotts totalitarian regimes, not democracies. One can boycott Sudan, guilty of the extermination of part of the population of Darfur. Or, as we once did to the fascist generals' Argentina or Brezhnev's USSR, one could boycott those Arab regimes whose citizens' freedom of expression is forbidden and punished, if necessary, in blood...
Regardless of what its promoters and its useful idiots say, the only real goal of their boycott campaign is the deligitimization of Israel.
Published October 2010
Khaled Abu Toameh
...The Palestinian leaders can't afford a situation where Presidents Barack Obama and Nicola Sarkozy appear to be more Palestinian than the
Palestinians, especially when it comes to the issue of settlements...
Published October 2010
Pilar Rahola
Pilar Rahola´s speech when she received the Daniel Pearl Award.
"The problem isn't the Muslim religion, but the totalitarian ideology that shouts “Hurray for death” while praying to Allah" - ... To be granted the award that bears the name of Daniel Pearl is more than an extraordinary honour, it is a duty. My name is Pilar Rahola, I was born in the old Sepharad, in Catalonia, from a Catholic family, I consider myself a left-winger and I am a journalist. But as a civil-rights fig
Published September 2010
Andre Mozes, Take A Pen
The TIME Magazine’s September 13 cover story by Karl Vick, "Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace" was surprising. Not because it was full of anti-Israeli sentiments cunningly presented as bipartisan analysis, not because its aim was a sensation and a public storm at the expense of Israel; both are standard practice at TIME. The surprising achievement of this article was the rare consensus it evoked among Israelis, an otherwise always passionately questioning and debating nation:...
Published August 2010
Andre MOZES*
Friedman's article "Steal this movie" tells how a documentary led him to understand something profound about Gaza, the Israelis and the Palestinians. For decades he believed Jewish settlements on the West Bank were the main obstacles to peace. Now he saw Palestinian hatred: how the devotion of several Israelis saved the life of a Gazan baby, Mohammed, however the mother continues to wish that he grow up to be a suicide bomber. Can this change Friedman's and the liberal media's vie
Cameron: A turkey on Turkey, ga-ga on Gaza
Published July 2010
Raymond Cook
British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has sent shockwaves through those members of the UK Jewish community who were expecting him to be more pro-Israel than his predecessor. In a ridiculous, inexplicable, foolish and craven speech in Ankara, Turkey, Cameron promised to press Turkey’s case for entry into the EU and called Gaza a ‘prison-camp’ whilst ignoring Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s clearly signalled rapprochement with Iran and Syria. Is Cameron now Obama Lite?
Published June 2010
Endre (Andre) Mozes, Take-A-Pen
The world finally realizes who Ahmadinejad really is. Re-elected in 2009 through brutal force, he violently oppresses any opposition, kills homosexuals, supports & funds global terror, threatens another nation with annihilation, and bans Google to cover up his crimes & lies. Erdogan seems to be a different person. A handsome man, dressed like a gentleman, looks like a moderate. The article shows that behind Erdogan's facade his deeds are radical Islamists like those of Ahmadinejad.
Published June 2010
José María Aznar, Prime Minister of Spain, 1996-2004
The West confused over the shape of the world’s future. This confusion is caused by a kind of masochistic self-doubt over our own identity; the rule of political correctness; a multiculturalism that forces us to our knees before others; and by a secularism which blinds us even when we are confronted by jihadists promoting the most fanatical incarnation of their faith. To abandon Israel to its fate, would merely serve to illustrate how far we have sunk and how inexorable our decline now appears.
Published June 2010
Leon de Winter, The Wallstreet Journal
Europeans, who represent much of what goes for world opinion, have grown tired of carrying the guilt for the destruction of the Continent's Jews. They have started to long for some form of historical release. That comes in the form of Israel's military response to Islamist attacks and terror. The Europeans couldn't suppress the chance to defame the Jews and redefine Israel's defense measures as either "disproportionate" or outright aggression—war crimes in other words.
Published May 2010
Israel Navy warned and requested the flotilla to redirect to the Ashdod port.
Six ships attempting to break the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip were intercepted by the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) naval forces, early this morning. This happened after numerous warnings by the Israeli Navy issued prior to the action, but were bluntly refused. The intended peaceful takeover of the ship by IDF soldiers was countered by extreme violence of the organizers and this lead to ten people getting killed
Published March 2010
"The fact that crimes of violence are targeted at Jews is alarming", the report goes on. " This issue is being taken with greater sensitivity regarding Germany´s Nazi background".
Published March 2010
Europa Press, Madrid
A man accused of posting videos on the internet and of writing more than 1,500 comments on the web allegedly glorifying Al-Qaeda, Gonzalo López Royo, defended last Monday in a court hearing, that a “mujahideen can never be a terrorist“, because “Islam is the religion of peace“. He compared mujaheedins with “Bosnians who defended their home, their wife and their sons“.
Published March 2010
Jacob Shrybman
Amid ‘siege’ claims, Gaza enjoying more aid than quake-ravaged Haiti
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is set to arrive in Israel to visit the Gaza Strip amidst demands to end a so-called siege on the terrorist-controlled territory. Yet one has to ask what siege, or blockade, he is referring to, with 738,576 tons of humanitarian aid being transferred into the Gaza Strip in 2009.
Published March 2010
Cable TV Channel 26.Argentina
Pakistan--Two terrorist detonate explosives close to military vehicles in the citi of Lahore on Friday . The police comfirmed that 100 people were wounded and 39 is the death toll .
Published March 2010
Lenny Ben-David
An open letter to Rachel Corrie's parents from an Israeli parent.
"...who sent your daughter into Gaza? - The International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian-led group, founded in 2001 by five people, one of them George Rishmawi....When Palestinians get shot by Israeli soldiers, no one is interested anymore,” Rishmawi said. “But if some of these foreign volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice.."
Published March 2010
Rachel Raskin-Zrihen
not being happy enough with having ruining Arbs generation by training them from childhood to hate, to kill and to become martyrs following Ala´s orders , they have infiltrating all over the planet. By means of the wild force that the oil-money gives them they have bought TV channels, newspapers to control how the news is reported .
They are human beings with no destiny , with no life ot their own and oppressed by their own leaders.
Islam is not a religion of peace, but a cult of death.
Published February 2010
Hillel Fendel
United Nations Middle East envoy Robert Serry, who met with President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Wednesday, said, “There is no humanitarian problem in Gaza.”
Serry acknowledged, however, that there is a need for certain goods in Gaza, such as materials for the rehabilitation of several buildings. This puts the lie to claims by international groups of a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza caused by Israel’s partial blockade. In fact, Israel has allowed tens of thousands of tons of humanitarian and b
Published February 2010
Chris Roycroft-Davis
EXCUSE me for not sending flowers to the funeral of the terrorist the Israelis bumped off in Dubai. Unlike the bleeding hearts in the liberal media I’m not shedding any tears.
As military chief of terrorist group Hamas, Mahmoud al Mabhouh had the blood of many Israeli soldiers and civilians on his hands. He was in charge of smuggling rockets and grenades into the Gaza Strip so his murderous gangs could lob them into Israel.
Published February 2010
Malcolm Hedding
Time and time again one hears the accusation that Christians view the restoration of Israel as a stepping stone to the final battle of Armageddon in which countless Jews will perish. Supposedly, this is what motivates Christian Zionists to side with Israel at present, while ultimately wanting to accelerate ‘the end’ and with it the second coming of Jesus.
Published February 2010
Barbara Kay
As all doctors know, untreated gangrene in a single limb can spread quickly through the body and lead to death. The most effective way to halt the progress of gangrene is to cut off the corrupting limb, a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

As with bodies, so with scientific credibility.
Published January 2010
A different viewpoint: Israel wanted to stop being Turkey’s scapegoat –
By Andre Mozes*
2010 Jan 31

Submitted to the Jerusalem Post
Published January 2010
Michael Hirsh
The Jewish state is good at many things, like war and technology, but inept at promoting itself. It needs to get better, soon.
Published December 2009
Meir Avshalom Hai, a resident of Shavey Shomron, a rabbi, father of seven, widely known as “the children’s rabbi”, was murdered on 24 December, Christmas eve, by Palestinian gunfire while driving his vehicle. Overnight, on the 26th, security forces entered Nablus in an attempt to locate and arrest the men suspected of involvement in the murder of Rabbi Meir.

The BBC's and France 24's title for this item: "IDF soldiers killed 6 Palestinians". How far can they go to avoid the word
Published December 2009
Israeli President Shimon Peres Gives First Ever Christmas Blessing on YouTube
Published December 2009
Deputy Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Danny Ayalon
Today, 15th December, Asharq Alawsat, one of the largest pan-Arab daily newspapers printed an op-ed in Arabic by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the State of Israel, Danny Ayalon. The op-ed was titled "An Open Letter to the Arab World".
In an historic and unprecedented article, Ayalon calls on the Arab world to accept Israel's extended hand in peace and fraternity. The Deputy Foreign Minister calls on the Arab world to step forward and join with Israel to defeat the forces of extremi
Published November 2009
Khaled Abu Toameh - The Hudson New York
The "pro-Palestinian" activists in the West clearly do not care about reforms and good government in the Palestinian territories. As far as these activists are concerned, delegitimizing Israel and inciting against "Zionists" are much more important than pushing for an end to continual financial corruption and violence in Palestinian society.
Published November 2009
George Gilder
The most precious resource in the world economy is human genius, which we may define as the ability to devise significant inventions that enhance survival and prosperity. During the twentieth century, an astounding proportion of geniuses have been Jewish, and the fate of nations has largely reflected how they have treated their Jews. When Jews lived in Vienna and Budapest at the turn of the 20th century these cities of the Habsburg Empire were world centers of intellectual activity and economic
Published October 2009
Professor Daniel FRIEDMANN
Former justice minister Daniel Friedmann takes aim at the UN Human Rights Council’s fact-finding mission to Gaza, and in so doing exposes a mission that, he says, was created with a dubious mandate, populated by biased members, influenced by Hamas observers, and conducted with a disregard for Israeli evidence and witnesses.
- Read also Take-A-Pen's Letter to the Editor
Published October 2009
Andre Moses
Published October 2009
Harold Evans, The Guardian
Harold Evans, The Guardian,
Judge Goldstone has been suckered into letting war criminals use his name to pillory Israel...

Published October 2009
HonestReporting Canada, Communique ‘HRC Op-Ed printed in Le Droit’
HonestReporting Canada, Communique ‘HRC Op-Ed printed in Le Droit’
Bias by omission is one of the most frequent and insidious forms of media bias. By choosing to report certain information over others, the media controls access to information and manipulates public sentiment. This type of bias can occur either within a story, or over a prolonged period of time as a particular news outlet reports one perspective and leaves out another. When it comes to media coverage of Israel, bias by omission
Published October 2009
Jim Molan, The Australian
Jim Molan, The Australian,
RICHARD Goldstone, a prominent South African jurist, claims in The New York Times that he hesitatingly accepted his UN mandate to investigate the three-week December-January war between Hamas and Israel because he was taking on something "deeply charged and politically loaded". Many states considered this mandate one-sided. Prominent individuals offered the view that it was more about politics than human rights. Goldstone was wise to hesitate, but he took t
Published September 2009
Jewish Chronicle, Jessica Elgot
Israel’s president Shimon Peres called the United Nations Report on the Gaza conflict “a mockery of history” and denounced it as giving a green light to terrorists. “The Hamas terror organisation is the one who started the war and also carried out other awful crimes. Hamas has used terrorism for years against Israeli children."
"The report gives de facto legitimacy to terrorist initiatives and ignores the obligation and right of every country to defend itself, as the UN constitutio
Published September 2009
Dan Kosky
Published September 2009
Israel Facts Monitor group with Net work on Antisemitism and Leah Visser Yad Vashem research center Jerusalem
Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity on the internet in the Netherlands (summary) - A report by Israel Facts Monitor group , Net work on Antisemitism and Leah Visser Yad Vashem research center Jerusalem

Published September 2009
Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein
Statement by Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice-President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies
Visby, Sweden, 7 September 2009
Published August 2009
Denis MacEoin
Tolkien's masterpiece is a myth of great power, a battle between good and evil. Real life is not as easy, of course, good often turns out to be evil and vice versa; the Germans fell in love with Nazism, communists adored the Soviet Paradise killing millions. The relevance of this to Israel? Millions today self-righteously wish the worst harm to this small nation. Whatever Israel's flaws, it stands for values like democracy, freedom, human rights – let's recognize it for what it is
Published August 2009
Barry Rubin
We are not talking about a Saudi newspaper or Hamas radio station but a Swedish newspaper. We are not talking about a neo-Nazi rag but a daily closely tied to the Swedish Social Democratic Party. And we are not just talking about an obscure item but an article that received top billing.
Published August 2009
Ronald S. Lauder
More than one American president has tried to bring peace to the Middle East, and more than one has failed. The Obama administration should take note of potential pitfalls. Rule No. 1: Respect the sovereignty of democratic allies. When free people in a democracy express their preferences, the US should respect that. Rule No. 2: One should take heed of the Palestinian Authority’s continued refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. The Arab world’s longstanding rejection of Israel’s existe
Published August 2009
Take-A-Pen acquired and presents herewith the Executive Summary of an extensive detailed official Israeli Paper, with the same title, which discusses Israel’s standpoints about a range of factual and international legal issues relating to the military operation undertaken by the Israel Defence Forces (“IDF”) in Gaza btwn 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 (the “Gaza Operation”).
Published August 2009
Take-A-Pen editorial
The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has received a wonderful present: TULIP, which is not a flower: three big and respected unions from three continents initiated recently TULIP: Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine; with the purpose of uniting trade unions and NGO-s to act against anti-Israel boycotts and to help the genuine Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Israeli and Palestinian unions, and the workers in the whole region, including guest workers.
Published August 2009
Enyinna Amadikwa - President , Good Shepherds Movement
Hi Joy, -
This below is my response to the article "My hell in an Israel Jail", I’m very sure that many other members of Good Shepherds Movement (Biafran Israel supporting organisation) and many Igbos will respond positively on this soon. Our director of internet will ensure that she puts out this article.

Remain blessed,
Published June 2009
Bishop E. W. Jackson Sr.
Nobody; neither Democrats nor Republicans could explain until now President Obama’s almost obsessive anti-Israel policy ( Jewish settlements considered to be the biggest danger on this earth).

But NOW a black bishop - with Harvard Law School, leftist and Chicago experiences behind him – has solved the riddle:
Published June 2009
Binyamin Netanyahu
"Peace has always been our people’s most ardent desire. Our prophets gave the world the vision of peace, we greet one another with wishes of peace, and our prayers conclude with the word 'peace'...."
Published May 2009
Pilar Rahola
"I told you, in my introduction, that my gratitude [for the award} would be a shout. A shout against silence. A shout against complicity. A shout against indiference. "
Published February 2009
Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
(IsraelNN.com) The Take-a-Pen activist movement has launched a petition demanding that the United Nations place Hamas on trial for war crimes. The move, which already has gained more than 40,000 signatures, counters recent calls from Arab and Western countries that Israel be charged with war crimes in the Cast Lead campaign against terror in Gaza.
Published January 2009
Take-A-Pen editorial*
During the Gaza offensive, the synagogue in Helsingborg, Sweden was firebombed twice. The Police refused to put it under guard, lacking resources and not seeing the threat as imminent. The Jewish community had to pay for protection, costing over 500 NIS an hour to a security company. No perpetrators have beeen caught to this day, although witnesses have seen young men running from the area at the moment of the attack. The men participated in a local demonstration against Israel previously the sa
Published January 2009
Endre Mozes
During Operation Cast Lead Israel declared repeatedly, and rather confidently, that it had provided Gaza with sufficient humanitarian aid, primarily food. The world doubted, some like the BBC World News ridiculed these statements with equal self-confidence. Who tells the truth - if any?
Published December 2008
Dennis Prager
One of the targets of the Pakistani Islamist terrorists was the Jewish center in Mumbai. If the 10 Islamic terrorists' primary goals were to destabilize India, weaken growing Indian-Pakistani cooperation in fighting terrorism, and greatly increase Indian-Pakistani tension, every one of the targets made strategic sense. But one: the Jewish center. However, slaughtering the Rabbi, his wife, their children was part of the plan as the captured terrorist confessed.
Published December 2008
Tom Gross - Wall Street Journal
In Mumbai we witnessed a clear case of carefully planned mass terrorism, aimed exclusively at civilian targets, coordinated in a highly sophisticated way. They wanted to murder as many Hindus, Christians, Jews and other "infidels" as they could, in a spectacular manner. When 200 people killed simultaneously in seven locations, why so many prominent Western media, like the NYT, Channel 4 or the French state TV, say it was a random attack and refuse to call the perpetrators ‘terrorists’?
Published September 2008
Greg Sheridan
IRAN is a problem from hell. The next US president, be it Barack Obama or John McCain, is going to have plenty to worry about: the Wall Street financial crisis, the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan's internal crisis, the relentless military build-up of China and the temptation it will soon have of trying to retake Taiwan militarily. But you can be sure of this. At some stage during the next presidency, Iran will blow up into a full-scale crisis that will dominate global politics and that may indeed
Published September 2006
Arnon Regular
An examination of the payrolls of the Palestinian Authority's National Security force, considered the largest of the Palestinian security forces, commanded by General Haj Ismail Jabber, has revealed that salaries for 7,000 fictitious troopers were being paid into his pocket every month. .
Published April 2006
Joy Wolfe
Published February 2006
Endre Mozes
Published October 2005
Maurice Ostroff
While the grim death toll in Darfur is now estimated at approximately 1,400 human beings per day, YES 1,400 PER DAY with more than 1 million people left homeless, the silence of the usually strident humanitarian academicians and human rights activists is deafening.
Why do we hear no protests and demonstrations about Government-backed Arab militiamen terrorizing Blacks in southern Sudan in the most gruesome human tragedy since the holocaust? Why no calls for sanctions against companies providing
Published August 2005
Published April 2005
The monstrous regiment of British university teachers
Melanie Phillip's Diary
Published March 2005
Itamar Marcus, Barbara Crook
Creating a supportive social environment for terrorists has been a critical factor in the Palestinian Authority’s successful promotion of suicide terrorism. To this end, PA policy has been to honor terrorists as Shahids (Martyrs for Allah), and to teach Palestinian mothers to celebrate when their children die as terrorist Shahids. Categorizing these dead terrorists as Shahids grants them the highest honor a Muslim can achieve, and is therefore cause for a mother to celebrate, according to this P
Published March 2005
Published February 2005
Evelyn Gordon
Published February 2005
Endre Mozes
Published January 2005
Endre Mozes
Published January 2005
Daniel Pipes
Published January 2005
Itamar Marcus, Barbara Crook
The Palestinian Authority (PA) regularly invents and disseminates distorted versions of history that present Israelis as villains and Palestinians as victims. One of the most prominent examples, which receives great attention every year and has been featured on PATV this week, rewrites history by blaming Israel for a 1969 arson attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Published December 2004
Simon Tisdall
Published October 2004
Margot Dudkevitch, Etgar Lefkovits
Published September 2004
Itamar Marcus, Barbara Crook
Published August 2004
Itamar Marcus
On an educational program on PA TV, two senior Palestinian Authority [PA] historians went to great lengths to deny ancient Jewish history and erase the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. At the same time they describe an ancient Palestinian - Arab history, creating a historical connection to the land that never existed.
Published August 2004
Endre Mozes
Published April 2004
Barry Shaw
Published January 2004
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Israel
Published November 2003
Maurice Ostroff
Published November 2002
IMRI, Commentary by Dr. David Sangan
After the private screening, I responded and indicated each lie and lack of credibility. One of those present at the screening was outraged: "If you don't accept the facts in the film, you apparently don't understand anything; how can you be a doctor?"
Published August 2001
Andrea Levin
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