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Palestinians and Child Abuse

Palestinian Child Abuse is a painful subject for us. We'd strongly prefer not to have it, and not to have to report about it. As tragic as it is, somehow we can see the twisted logic of Palestinian terror when it deliberately targets Israeli children ...   >

Palestinian children in combat support roles

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has revealed that Palestinian children are actively aiding terrorists in Gaza. In a striking example of the way in which the new PA curriculum has indoctrinated children, the children have assumed the exact combat support roles they have been taught in the new PA schoolbooks.

Pressuring mothers to celebrate sons’ martyrdom key to PA’s success promoting suicide terrorism

Creating a supportive social environment for terrorists has been a critical factor in the Palestinian Authority’s successful promotion of suicide terrorism. To this end, PA policy has been to honor terrorists as Shahids (Martyrs for Allah), and to teach Palestinian mothers to celebrate when their children die as terrorist Shahids. Categorizing these dead terrorists as Shahids grants them the highest honor a Muslim can achieve, and is therefore cause for a mother to celebrate, according to this PA teaching.

Abu Mazen: 40 children in Rafah who received money to throw Bangalore torpedos lost their arms.

Mahmud Abas revealed the exploitation of children in the Gaza Strip by terrorist organizations. These children are paid to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel. The Jordanian newspaper "Alrai" cited Abu Mazan as saying the following:
"I am against little children sent out to die. It is a terrible thing. At least 40 children in Rafah lost their arms from the throwing of Bangalore torpedos [a form of pipe bomb]. They received 5 Shekels [approx. $US 1.00] in order to throw them. Who would be prepared for something like that to happen to his son or to his family?

Stop the Cynical Use of Children in Palestinian Terror Bombing

Letter of UK Lords to The Independent.
Sir: The ongoing and cynical use of children by Palestinian groups in armed conflict is a flagrant breach of international law and it must stop. With the news that the Israeli authorities discovered two more Palestinian children who were believed to be preparing to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel (report, 17 June), we say enough is enough.

Letter to the “Save the Children Fund”

I read with interest your comments to me about your organisations condemnation of the use of children by the Palestinian Authority and their terror groups.
Have you brought your condemnation directly to the Palestinian Authority?
Have you condemned the Palestinian Minister of Religion the incitement to kill Jews that they teach to the young in their mosques?
Have you condemned the Palestinian Minister of Communication the children''s TV programs that inculcate the desire to go out and kill Jews and Israelis?
Have you condemned the state-run newspaper whose articles praise children who sacrifice themselves for their cause?

Israeli children - Victims of Palestinian Terrorism

A sad series of stories and pictures of Israeli children – murdered by Palestinians

Palestinian youth carrying explosive belt arrested at Hawara crossing

A terrorist attack was thwarted when a Palestinian youth, around the age of 15, was arrested at the Hawara crossing, south of Nablus, in possession of a bag containing an explosive belt, an improvised rifle and 20 bullets.

Another Palestinian Teen Suicide Recruit Promised Heaven, Arrested

Tamer Khawireh, 15, ran home on Sunday and buried his head in his mother''s arms.
“They tricked me, they tricked me,” he sobbed repeatedly.
Promising him heaven and limitless virgins, Islamic Jihad recruited Tamer to be a suicide bomber - the fourth Nablus boy recruited by terrorist groups and arrested for attempted suicide attacks against Israel in just the past month.
Like the other boys recently recruited, Khawireh was easily bought – 100 shekels, new clothes, a cell phone and cigarettes.

Israelis Stop Teen Wearing Bomb Vest

What really happened and what the Los Angeles Times showed
On Wednesday afternoon (March 24), a 14-year-old Palestinian boy, Hussam Abdu, wearing an explosive belt was intercepted at the Hawara roadblock, south of Nablus. Sappers used a remote-controlled robot to pass scissors to the boy so that he could cut the explosive belt off his body, and then safely detonated it in a controlled explosion. After removing the explosive belt, the boy was ordered to remove his shirt and pants in order to be sure that there were no other "surprises".
Of all the pictures taken during the event, the Los Angeles Times published only this picture, giving the false impression that Palestinian children are stripped to their underwear by Israeli soldiers. A striking example of how news is manipulated.

Children of the Middle East

Take-a-Pen calls for action to give the children of the Middle East a vision for a future of which they have been sadly deprived. Respect for human rights is an essential ingredient for achieving peace in the Middle East. When we ask ourselves, Who is most deserving of this respect? Who are the ones least able to protect themselves? Who are the ones most important to the future?, one answer emerges: the children are the key.

Gaza's Killing School

Children as young as 10 are being recruited to fight for the Palestinian cause.
Sky News has gained access to a young people''s camp in Gaza, where the only lesson taught is how to kill Israelis.

Palestinians Still Train Their Children to Hate and to Murder

The Palestinians continue to teach and train their children to hate and to murder, from the kindergarten age and on. On the picture children demonstrate in a ceremony their skill to approach and kill from ambush, they freshly learned in a summer activity and training camp for children around the age of 6 to 10.


(contd.) … – even the sniper shooting in the head of their hated enemy; a nine months old Jewish baby. But what logic can be in indoctrinating their own 3 to 5 years old ones to hate, to kill, to yearn for martyrdom? Why to lure or to push them into danger? Why to drive 12-year-old ones to suicide missions?
Without understanding, we show you a few examples only.
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