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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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The 'Take-A-Pen versus The BBC' Story

The BBC News is beyond doubt the largest news organization on earth; broadcasting in 43 languages to hundreds of millions.  Unfortunately this giant has for the last twenty years been found heavily biased against Israel and complaints about it have been practically ignored.   However, Take-A-Pen's sharp attacks and later personal contacts with BBC's then Chairman of the Board of Governors led in 2006 to great efforts by the Board to improve this situation...
The BBC initiated and completed an independent Impartiality Review of the BBC News' Israeli-Palestinian coverage. How did it start? Take-A-Pen was one of the initiators of this review.

In 2005 we prepared and published two well-documented semi-legal analyses of some most severe cases of BBC bias, which - in our view - had been on the border of illegality.  First our studies stirred fierce protests and even several written legal threats sent by the BBC to Take-A-Pen Chairman.  However, Michael Grade, the Chairman of the new BBC Board of Governors then - which replaced the old one after another BBC News bias scandal had been investigated by the the Lord Hutton Committee - promised to us to conduct an independent impartiality review;  and so it has actually happened!...


Take-A-Pen has been also one of the main contributors to this review; we sent five comprehensive submissions to the Review Panel. Although the findings ot the "independen" committee were mostly neutralized by cunning procedural manipulations, this has been the most serious challenge  of the BBC bias for decades.

You can read further a few documents of the Take-A-Pen vs. BBC procedure:



a. Take-A-Pen Chairman's letter
to Chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC,
announcing our suspicion and our semi-legal inquiry into it, titled: 'The BBC - an Accomplice to terrorism!?'

b. The start of a Success:
Chairman of the BBC Board of Governors, Michael GRADE's response  
to Take-A-Pen Chairman Endre MOZES, promising to launch an  Independent Impartiality Review of  the BBC News' Israeli-Palestinian coverage


c. Overview of Take-A-Pen's five Submissions to the Independent Impartiality Review of the BBC's Israeli-Palestinian coverage


d. "BBC - an Accomplice!?" - the Executive Summary of our Submission IV.'

BBC – an Accomplice to Terror!?

Most of us used to be strongly conditioned to the once legendary reliability of the BBC and can hardly believe that it might have changed. We still love the talks, theatre and history on the BBC. The problem seems to lie with its News and political commentaries, being far too politicized for the largest and supposedly most impartial news organisation on earth...
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