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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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The 'Take-A-Pen versus The Guardian' Story

End of story is that The Guardian apologized in an extensive web article, admitting honestly that Take-A-Pen's "complaint was justified"; and it publicly corrected its previous title, unfair to Israel. How did it happen? ... >>>

a. Take-A-Pen Chairman's Letter to The Guardian

I have the unpleasant duty to inform you that The Guardian won this time the disrespectful title of "THE LIAR OF THE MONTH." So, The Guardian is THE LIAR OF THE MONTH in April 2004 at Take-A-Pen! ...

b. The actual news – and as it appeared in The Guardian:

On April 13, the Hungarian police arrested 3 Arabs, suspected of planning to attack the Holocaust museum in Budapest, where Israeli president Moshe Katzav was expected. And that is what appeared on page 9 of the April 14 Guardian International:

c. This was the Take-A-Pen Reader's letter to the Guardian:

To the ombudsman of the Guardian,My first reaction on reading the bold headline "Hungary Foils ''Jewish'' Terror Plot" on page 9 of the April 14 Guardian International, was increased resentment against those troublesome Jews, now plotting terror attacks in Hungary...

d. Success! - The Guardian accepted Take-A-Pen's complaint as justified! The reactions of the Ombudsman as published on the Guardian website:

Among my recent emails was one from Haifa in Israel which came quickly to the point: "Sir, the Guardian is Liar of the Month in April 2004 at Take-a-Pen." Take-a-Pen, I discovered, is a lobby group founded by Endre Mozes in late 2000. He set it up to try to counter the effects of the adverse media coverage Israel was receiving after the beginning of the second intifada, or Palestinian uprising...

e. Take-A-Pen's reaction to the correction

The Guardian''s Ombudsman''s Full and Honest Correction in his report on Take-A-Pen''s complaint - is a positive contribution, improving the Guardian''s sometimes strongly questioned reputation as a ''guardian of the truth''...


(contd.) Further You can read the steps/items of the procedure:
a. Take-A-Pen Chairman's letter to The Guardian announcing that: 'The Guardian' is Liar of the Month April 2004 at Take-A-Pen'
b. The actual news - and as it appeared in The Guardian
c. The Take-A-Pen Reader's Letter
d. The Success: The Guardian's full Correction in their 'Report on Take-A-Pen's complaint'
e. Take-A-Pen's reaction:"The Guardian's Ombudsman's full and honest correction..."
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