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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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The Truth about the Al-Durra libel, AGAIN! - Take-A-Pen was there

Take-A-Pen about the Mohamed Al-Dura case - update Dec.2011

Many seek again the truth about the Al-Durra case. Take-A-Pen happens to know it: we follow the developments since 2000, and our Endre Mozes was present in the last 3 days of the Paris Trial. He watched in the Paris Court room together with the judges 2 TV's firstly published, allegedly full, raw film footage of the famous 1-minute long Mohammad Al-Durra video. This raw material did not support with the slightest evidence F2's statement that IDF killed the boy, or even that there was ANY Israeli involvement! 
Mozes was there to hear the VERDICT on May 21, 2008: that France2 lost its case!

You can learn the essence of the Al-Dura case and the Paris Court's Verdict either from the Backgrounder and other articles further BELOW, or fastest and "funniest" from TakeAPen's only 2 minutes long cartoon flash movie on YouTube!


Letter-writing CALL: Help us to reveal this truth to as many people as possible, about the 21st century's worst blood libel, the powerful inciting tragic Al Dura images, accompanied by unfounded accusations against Israel.

Tell that the Paris Court of Appeal found the famous France 2's movie, and the sole eyewitness Palestinian cameraman, Talal Abu Rahme, as unreliable witnesses to France 2's statements.

Let's Write Letters to Editors to spread the truth to discredit France 2's forged video >>>  -----------

Backgrounder about the Al Durra case - by Take-A-Pen

On September 30, 2000 the world watched with horror France-2 TV''s 1-minute long movie showing how the Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Durrah was seemingly killed "online", by live fire! France 2''s Charles Enderlin asserted that Israel''s Tzahal did it, though he had not been present in Gaza and leant on the only eyewitness, the Palestinian cameraman... An unprecedented wave of hatred started against Israel - It turned out only in the Paris Court in 2008, where France 2 had to present their full raw takings - that they never had the slightest evidence against Israel, and the scene was most probably staged. The jury dismissed F-2! - TakeAPen was present in the courtroom, and tells you the facts.
Endre Mozes, Chairman Take A Pen
Endre Mozes, Chairman Take A Pen

Sensational Victory of Justice in Paris - see also TAP's CARTOON VIDEO

Take-A-Pen chairman, Endre Mozes, was in the Paris court room and has all the answers:
- Was France-2''s Al Dura movie a brave revelation of an Israeli brutality? or F-2''s irresponsible distribution of a false Palestinian accusation of Israel with a murder it never committed - what became the most powerful blood libel of the 21st century?
- For years the world believed the short France-2 film as true. This Court demanded to see the unedited raw material/footage and saw no evidence whatsoever there that Israel was involved in any way in the death of the child (the death doubted in itself).
- The Paris Court''s verdict: Philippe Karsenty, the accuser of France-2 with lies and staging the whole video - is ''NOT guilty''.
- This verdict acknowledges the evidence collected by experts in all these years and allows Karsenty calling the Palestinian-made France-2 film a "totally staged fake", "a forgery" !
- Will this verdict succeed in scattering the false acc

TRIUMPH for the truth vs. the BBC's AL-DURA Libel

June 23, 2010
A small victory of great value, telling and disseminating the truth about the fraudulous Al-Dura story and libel to the world: The BBC apologized for its narrator recently saying "Muhammad al-Dura was shot dead by Israeli soldiers". This is an important precedent which, if consistently applied, can become a turning point in the long and gloomy history of the fraudulous Al-Dura libel case.

The Al Dura Story and Call

Let''s listen seriously to The Real Al Durra Story - which is behind Take-A-Pen''s seemingly light-minded 2 minutes long Comics flash movie: "Who killed the kid? Did Muhammed Al Durra really die? THE VERDICT" . See the results of the Paris Court of Appeals Verdict in this CARTOON on YouTube, updated by TakeAPen in May 2008.

Al-Dura Trial: Take-A-Pen's Exclusive VIDEO from Paris Court

A joint Honestreporting & Take-A-Pen video - November 14, 2007
After 7 years of hiding their sources, France-2 state TV had to present now to the Paris Appeal Court the full raw footage behind its famous Mohammed Al-Durra movie and icon... To everyone''s surprise they presented a total of 18 minutes only, instead of the full 27 minutes declared before... and the content was most demanding: it did not support with even one frame France 2''s famous 55 sec. long Al-Durra video, or any of their verbal statements!!! France2''s accusations are totally unfounded!

WRITE YOUR LETTER: Inform Us About the Al Dura Trial

Sir, - Letters to the editor are normally written about something you published. This time may I write about your conspicuous lack of reporting on important new developments in a case once you wrote about hundreds of times?...

Right of reply: Conspiracy theories and Al-Dura

Weekly columnist Larry Derfner wrote a bizarre piece in the The Jerusalem Post on May 29 ,2008. He railed against us as "conspiracy freaks" whose "pure paranoia" has us matching "Arab insanity with Jewish insanity," all because we dare to claim that the footage that Charles Enderlin presented to the world as news of real events was actually staged by his cameraman, Talal abu Rahmah.

Endre Mozes Responds to Derfner

In this Open letter to Larry Derfner - then Jerusalem Post columnist - and his counterpart Maurice Ostroff, TakeAPen chairman Endre Mozes addresses their dispute: Is the Al-Durra Story Truth or Lie?'' . He gives his eye-witness’ account from the Paris trial, about France-2''s until then hidden raw footage shown first ever in that court. This letter alone may provide you with sufficient proof to form your firm conclusion.


Who “killed” the Al-Dura kid, on-line?

Backgrounder to the Al-Dura Cartoon
Let''s speak seriously about The Story - which is behind the seemingly light-minded 2 minutes long Comics flash movie: ''Who killed the Al Dura kid, on-line?'' Why is this issue so all-important even today?!

New Evidence against the Al Dura Fraud provided by surgeon

More and more experts have arrived at the conclusion during these years, in 2007 in particular, that the famous TV video showing the death of Palestinian boy Muhammad Al Dura on September 30, 2000, is a fraud. Actually, no independent expert is left who still believes that this film is a totally genuine, un-manipulated document...

Can France 2’s famous Muhammad al-Durra movie be a fake? Reader's letter

Sir, - Re: "Outcry raised over missing minutes in al-Dura film"(Nov.19): It is commendable that the Post is covering this case, which has suffered from insufficient media attention. But I disliked the tone of this article, which repeatedly generalized supporters of Philippe Karsenty''''s views such as myself as ''''crying foul'''', as if this were a football match...

Dam Bursts at Al Dura Trial

Maître Bénédicte Amblard, representing Charles Enderlin and France 2 in their libel suit against Philippe Karsenty (Media Ratings) dropped her pencil and lost her composure when presiding judge Laurence Trébucq, overriding the opinion of the Avocat Général, firmly demanded handover of the 27-minute unedited film shot by Talal Abu Rahmeh at Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip on September 30, 2000...

Take-A-Pen Chairman’s Letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy:

Trial of Philippe Karsenty about the Mohammed al-Durrah fake - and the role of France''s President...

IDF demands France 2 video of al-Dura shooting

The IDF request comes in the midst of a legal battle between the network and its Israel reporter Charles Enderlin, and French media monitor Philippe Karsenty, who claims France 2 manipulated the video to make it appear that IDF soldiers shot al-Dura...

Easy-to-sign Petition

People around the world who depend on the media for reliability, accuracy, and transparency in reporting, demand that France2 release the unedited video tapes ("rushes") that its Palestinian cameraman, Talal abu Rahmah, sent them on September 30 and October 1, 2000 from Gaza...

Standwithus Letter-Writing Call

Jews are no strangers to accusations of blood libel. We know that they insight anger, hatred, and even mass murder...

Summary and Call for further action

The Judge firmly demanded handover by TV-2 of the 27-minute unedited film shot by Talal Abu Rahmeh, kept as secret for 7 years! At the end of the trial, on May 21, 2008 the Paris Court of Appeals decided that Philippe Karsenty is ''not guilty''; the France 2 TV''s world famous 1 minute long Mohammed Al-Durra movie can be called and considered as a staged fake!


(contd.) Supporting documents:
A. Take-A-Pen Letter published in the Jerusalem JPost :
Nothing supports France-2 saying Israeli soldiers killed the boy (Nov.22)
B. Backgrounder by Take-A-Pen*- October 25, 2007, Update: Nov.3 - (Also in English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish and more.
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