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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Our Letter-writing Call, on Duke University hosting a conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement

Take a Pen! in co-operation with international student organizations, starts a new initiative:  the STUDENTS For TRUTH on Israel project, a letter writing cooperation of students all over the world, interested in the truth on the Middle East conflict.
This is the STUDENTS For TRUTH on Israel project's first Letter-writing Call, on Duke University hosting a conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (scheduled for Oct. 15 to 17). 
PSM's support for terror makes this event a global issue!
Students! Friends!
Write your letter to President Bush, Vice President Cheney and/or General Attorney Ashcroft  etc., to express your concern that Duke University's President hosts PSM; supporters of Hamas and international terrorism.
For letter ideas read Take-A-Pen Chairman Endre Mozes' letter to President Bush. 


The Palestine Solidarity Movement, the American student arm of the International Solidarity Movement, has announced its intention to hold its 4th Annual National Conference at Duke University on October 15, 16, and 17, 2004. Duke agreed to host the conference on its campus.

Both ISM and PSM support in thinly veiled language suicide bombings and the destruction of the State of Israel. In the United States these groups couch support for the targeting of Israeli civilians in code words like "armed resistance" and use prestigious institutions such as Duke University in an effort to seek legitimacy for their abhorrent views.

At the 2nd PSM Conference at the University of Michigan in October 2002, the audience chanted "Kill the Jews" - "Ittbach al yahood" in Arabic. Endorsing violent attacks on Jewish civilians is an abuse of the freedom of speech, and Duke can not allow that! 

This issue affects the safety of Jewish students the world over. We call upon thousands of Jewish students around the world to write to Duke University and pressure them to reverse their decision to allow the PSM to hold their convention on campus.

A cancellation of the PSM venue at this late stage, what can be achieved as it happened in Rutgers,  will be a serious blow to PSM prestige, and a rejection of the legitimacy of their violent views. 


Please read the following background info and example letters, and write your own short letter TODAY!

Send it preferably both by fax and by email, to:

President Richard H. Brodhead
Duke University
Box 90001
Durham, North Carolina 27708-0001

Telephone:   +1 919 684 2424
Fax:              +1 919 684 3050
Email:           President@Duke.edu

Send a blind copy of your letter to student@takeapen.org

WHO IS PSM? - Talking points

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