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Academic freedom is not academic license

Professor Michael Gross, Patron of the UK Council on Academic Freedom, challenges some academics of the Ben Gurion University, and argues to prove that that the BDS movement is itself at odds with the very concept of academic freedom, and it is essentially totalitarian, and indeed fascist in nature. It has no place – none at all – in a true university environment.


Cambridge rejects to call Israel a rogue state

October 24, 2010*
The following is the statement issued by Cambridge Israel Society following the debate of the motion “This house believes
Israel is a Rogue state" For the motion was the newly converted British Muslim, Lauren Booth and Mark McDonald who refused to criticise Hamas.

What do students REALLY know about Israel?

Misconceptions the average college student has about Israel caught on video. The students in the video and the students who put this video together are UCLA students.


17 March 2009
When the German government of the 1930''s forbad the teaching of "Jewish science" such as relativity, they were operating rationally within their perverted frame of logic. In a rationality accepted by most of the public, including scientists, Jews had been deemed to be a pestilent menace. For the sake of humanity they needed to be eliminated from every aspect of society, and the urgency of this mission took precedence over the search for scientific truth...

Oxford Union Is Dead

This is an obituary for the Oxford Union, which claims to be, one of the most famous and distinguished debating societies in the world. The reality is that it is no longer a debating society at all; it has become a propaganda platform for extremist views, primarily of the hard-left. It is now stopped even pretending to present both sides of controversial issues...

Campus 'Holy War' threat growing

Julie Henry, Sunday Telegraph - 29/07/2007
Campuses face more cases of students becoming radicalised by extremist propaganda, a university vice-chancellor has warned...

Professor's e-mail to the Muslim Student's Association at MSU

The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indrek Wichman. Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student''s Association. The e-mail was in response to the students'' protest of the Danish cartoons that connected the Prophet Muhammad with today''s Islamist terrorists. The group had complained the cartoons were "hate speech."...


The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East (CJME) and its splinter group, Students Confronting Apartheid in Israel (SCAI), are at it again; pulling no punches in their relentless campaign to demonize the Jewish People and delegitimize Israel. Tonight, the two student groups are stooping to new lows and aligning themselves with the most radical elements in the Middle East by hosting Norman Finkelstein on this campus...

Academic Freedom and Prejudice, Maurice’s letter: May 14, 2006

Re: Academic Freedom and Prejudice

Your words at the Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium last January, carried an admirable ring of sincerity. You said inter alia "It is essential that we raise our voices, as individuals and as a university community, to draw attention to prejudice, discrimination and neglect that hampers the fostering of that welcoming environment."...

An open letter to Professor Juan Cole

Your petition "Freedom of Speech on the Israel Lobby" addressed to the
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
I am writing to ask you to please reconsider your petition because it constitutes an appeal to restrict that very freedom of speech that you advocate...

Letter of Ex-Student to Brandeis University

The e-mail was sent to five of Brandeis'' top administration staff.
I got the email addresses and idea for the email from an anti-Semitic Brandeis student''s (Kevin Montgomery) blog. I then modified it to say the exact opposite of what that Jew-hater was encouraging people to write....

Pennsylvania State University Accepts Sole Letter-writer's Point, April 26, 2006

Joy Wolfe, senior letter-writer of Manchester, mailed this to the University,
Re: its cancelling exhibit on Palestinian Terror:
Thank you for your note expressing concern over the proposed art exhibit. President Spanier is out of town and his schedule will make it unlikely that he can respond in a timely manner so I am responding on his behalf, but I will be sure that he sees your note...


Letter to the IRISH TIMES - May 20, 2005
by John Harpur, Vice-President for Public Relations, Irish Federation of University Teachers
Madam, - In a controversial debate that has received little attention over here, the UK Association of University Teachers (AUT) on April 22nd passed a motion at a national AUT council meeting to boycott both Haifa and Bar iLan universities...



The decision of the UK Association of University Teachers (AUT), to boycott Israeli universities gives cause for despair to any British mother hoping to provide her children with a meaningful education. It is not the decision to boycott that disturbs, but the totally irrational reasoning process...

Disturbing article in DePaulia

I was truly shocked to read this report that appeared in the magazine of DePaul University. If you read the article it appears in some way to highlight a hidden agenda here as it seems to be that your university actively espouses the Palestinian cause as evidenced by the hosting and financially supporting the Palestinian art exhibition which according to this article, is little more than political propaganda...

The monstrous regiment of British university teachers

The monstrous regiment of British university teachers
Melanie Phillip''s Diary
If anyone had ever told British academics that there would come a time when they would punish colleagues because of the views they held, and would treat them as pariahs and try to destroy their livelihoods in order to intimidate others into toeing the sole approved political line, they would have been incredulous. In the western tradition the universities are, after all, the custodians of free intellectual inquiry and open debate. Censorship, suppression of ideas and intellectual intimidation are associated with totalitarian regimes which attempt to coerce people into the approved way of thinking...

Israeli TV Tackles War for Hearts and Minds

Israeli TV Tackles War for Hearts and Minds
JERUSALEM, Nov. 28 - For many Israelis, it is received wisdom that their country is misunderstood by the world, and that its official representatives compound the problem through inept diplomacy...

Israel, Campus Unreality and Democratic Reality Postmodern and post-Arafat.

My mother, past president of the Berkeley-Oakland Feminist Socialist Organization, is no stranger to the zany world of campus politics. Protesting Vietnam in the late 1960s, she encountered radicals of all stripes. But Israel, she recalls, was never one of their causes. Now, all campus radicals, no matter their inspiration-socialists, animal rights activists, ethnic racists, radical greens, alien cults-seem to have a problem with Israel...

Our Letter-writing Call, on Duke University hosting a conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement

Take a Pen! in co-operation with international student organizations, starts a new initiative: the STUDENTS For TRUTH on Israel project, a letter writing cooperation of students all over the world, interested in the truth on the Middle East conflict.
This is the STUDENTS For TRUTH on Israel project''s first Letter-writing Call, on Duke University hosting a conference of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (scheduled for Oct. 15 to 17).
PSM''s support for terror makes this event a global issue!

TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!

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