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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Christians & Israel

We Love Israel!

We Love Israel! – This was written on posters, that is what groups and individuals were chanting or shouting to you with a smile, yesterday in Jerusalem, at the 2009 annual march of the representatives of Israelis and Israel’s Christian friends from all over the world, as part of the traditional Jerusalem Walk; on Succoth for Jews - Tabernacle for Christians.

Merry Christmas! Israeli President's Christmas Blessing

24 December, 2009
"From here, from the eternal city of Jerusalem, from this beautiful place, I want to wish each of you, and all of us, a happy and merry Christmas. Let''s pray the next year will be a year of peace, of brotherhood, of tolerance, of affluence. That nobody will suffer unnecessarily. That everybody will be helped accordingly. This is the call of heaven. This is the wish of our lord. This should be our own purpose. Let''s celebrate and hope and do accordingly..."

Christians Take A Pen for Israel


European Christians Remember the Evian Conference in 1938


'Hamas forced professor to convert'

Fatah officials in Ramallah claimed over the weekend that Professor Sana al-Sayegh, who teaches at Palestine University in Gaza City, was kidnapped by Hamas militiamen who forced her to convert to Islam against her will.

Christians Tackle Divestment From Israel – With Investment

Christian Zionists are teaming up to encourage greater investment in Israel. They''re hoping to counteract a campaign by a pro-Palestinian group, which has encouraged Christian denominations in the USA to divest from Israel.

The importance of an alliance between Asian Christians and the people of Israel cannot be overstated

MK Dr. Yuri Shtern, Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus meet with Asian Christian leaders in Korea at the second Jerusalem Summit. The Summit draws over a thousand religious, political, and business leaders, from ten Asian countries, to Israel''s side

Citizen's Letter - countering more anti-Semitism of anti-Israel church "peace movements"



April 6, 2006
Read Maurice''s knowledgeable and patient letter to the Presbyterian Church - and their positive response.

We need evangelical Christian support

March 7, 2005
Rabbi Eckstein, the president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, explains why Evangelical Christians are highly important allies - particularly at a time, when Israel finds itself at a political and social crossroads.

Letter responding to World Council of Churches anti-Israel campaign.

Barry Shaw, of the Netanya Terror Victims Fund, wrote to the World Council of Churches regarding their proposed sanctions against Israel.


"The compelling love for all humanity is our core motivation" New Monography on CHRISTIAN ZIONISM, BY DAVID PARSONS, issued by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. To read an excerpt

Why this Jew loves Christmas

I am a religious Jew who simply loves Christmas. In fact, any Jew or non Christian who somehow gets "offended" because the majority religion in America makes such a big public splash about their biggest holiday is a total fool.

Presbyterians Challenge PCUSA Divestment Decision

Presbyterians Concerned for Jewish & Christian Relations" (PCJCR) released a statement calling on all Presbyterians to work toward the reversal of the decision of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.(PCUSA) to divest its funds from certain companies doing business with Israel.

A Dissenting Presbyterian View

It is astonishing how some liberal churches today choose to support the cause of tyrannous, terrorist regimes, and reject the one and only democracy in the Middle East, vies Stoecker. It is baffling that Anglican and Episcopalian construal of Christ’s words on peacemaking should land them in a position that would strengthen the hands of violence against innocents.

by Kenneth Sikorsk, Christian Citizen's Letter: On WCC And Its Selective Morality

As a Christian, I am appalled by the WCC''s ''selective use'' of church morality, in calling for divestment from Israel because it maintains a presence within Judea and Samaria, the disputed territories. The recent actions by the WCC, only goes further to complicate a situation….

My love affair with evangelical Christians

Nearly the whole world is arrayed against President George W. Bush. The long list includes Europe, the United Nations, the Arab countries, the world''s media, Hollywood, the universities, and half the United States. The question becomes: How can this man possibly survive as president?

From palestinian terrorist to pro-Israel Christian!

Interview with Walid Shoebat
israel today

Knesset Offers Christians New Standing In Israel

JERUSALEM - Leaders of Christian Zionist ministries were invited on Tuesday to the inaugural meeting of the new Knesset Christian Allies'' Caucus to launch what co-chairman Dr. Yuri Shtern termed a "political upgrade" of relations between Israel and its Christian supporters across the globe...

Gibsons's Blood Level

Every people has its story. Every people has the right to its story.
And every people has a responsibility for its story. Muslims have their story: God''s revelation to the final prophet. Jews have their story: the covenant between man and God at Sinai...


The Forgotten – Christian Communities in the Holy Land

The spiritual and historical connection of Christian communities with the Holy Land is well documented. Possibly surprisingly, despite the current heated environment, some are sensing a revival in their fortunes...

Silent Night – Bethlehem’s Vanishing Christians

As people around the world celebrate Christmas, what will the Christians of Bethlehem be feeling?

Exodus from Bethlehem

By Joseph Farah Posted: December 22, 2006
On one thing we can all agree this Christmas: Bethlehem is no longer a Christian town.
But why?
If the Israelis contributed in any way to the exodus of Christians, it was by withdrawing from Bethlehem and the so-called "Palestinian territories" in the West Bank. Since they left, the Palestinian Authority has waged a jihad against the Christian community, raping women, extorting businessmen, lynching "collaborators" and seizing homes...

Members of a Japanese Christian group known as Makuya wave Japanese and Israeli flags

Members of a Japanese Christian group known as Makuya wave Japanese and Israeli flags during a march in support of Israel in downtown Jerusalem Sunday, Feb. 29, 2004...

TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!

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