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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Brave Arabs and Muslims speak out

Brave Muslims Speak Up

Despite the very real danger to their life for doing this, a large number of Arabs; Muslims or Christians, speak up bravely for the truth, for reforming their societies, their spiritual and religious life, for peace with their neighbors, among them with Israel...

Palestinian LIES & PALLYWOOD Media fraud Industry

Endre MOZES, founder chairman of TakeAPen wrote this first ever ''Encyclopedia of Palestinian Lies'' in 2002, leading since then the 13 million items on the Google list as Nr. 1 for the search: "Palestinian Lies": Read this, and many other titles of the ''Palestinian Lie Empire''... A pity, Palestinin leadership does so much to DISTORT reality, and so little effort, if any, to FORM new reality for their unfortunate people...

Palestinians and Child Abuse

Palestinian Child Abuse is a painful subject for us. We''d strongly prefer not to have it, and not to have to report about it. As tragic as it is, somehow we can see the twisted logic of Palestinian terror when it deliberately targets Israeli children...

Palestinians and Human rights


Misuse of International Aid Funds


TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!

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