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Media Watch

First, let us state clearly, and let's not to forget that even amidst all our justified complaints: we believe that most media is doing an important and honest service to the public. We are after the exceptions, particularly when about Israel...


Today's mass media is one of the most interesting, most attractive and most powerful activities of modern human society.  But...

How Media Misleads us

Of course not all the media mislead us, most do an honest service to the public. Even so there are mistakes, human errors, worth our corrections. Worse are the deliberate manipulations or lies - even if this is minority, the damage and injustice caused by such distortions, both to victims and to media credibility, is tremendous...

Israeli Media Watch

If your letter to HAARETZ, JERUSALEM POST or or OTHER ISRAELI papers was published, or you have a well-based and polite letter to an ISRAELI paper, send it to our editor - we may publish your letter!

Terror & Media

While keeping in mind that most media is doing an important and honest service to the public, we can read below about the frequently controversial relationship between Terrorism and Media, and about some media''s biased attitude when the terror is against Israelis...

Liar of the Month Award

TakeAPen created and operated the ‘LIAR of the MONTH AWARD'' in the year 2004. The section grew popular fast, and TakeAPen''s final choice of the "best" candidates took into account audience recommendations.
A few spectacular ‘AWARDS'', relevant until today, are presented below; with a lesson to learn from each one...

Law & Justice


BBC News



(contd.) as we know, so much power may also... yes, corrupt. The media's huge influence is sometimes manipulated by negative forces.

You can read below about the controversial relationship between ‘Terror and Media'. Or, have an astounding insight into ‘How some Media misleads us? our read about past winners of our ‘Liar of the Month Award' and more.

TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!
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