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Israeli Media Watch

Take-A-Pen's 'Haaretzwatch' Started Watching all Israeli Media

Amira Hass - A long career of anti-Israel biased reporting at Haaretz

Amira Hass is back, trying to bring another 'Liar of The Month Award' to HAARETZ?

Take-A-Pen has been silently happy to see that Haaretz, after receiving the Liar Of the Month Award in May 2004 for Amira Hass'' absolutely unfounded blood libel against the IDF (read here), apparently kept Hass in the well-deserved refrigerator - not publishing anything major from her for a few month. Today a Hass article, ''Qalandiyah in the rain'', is back, though this time not with such serious accusations based on pure phantasy as before, but still with bad and opinionated journalism - judge it for yourself...


On the 24th July 2003 Ha''aretz published a typical horror story about IDF behaviour entitled "Anyone who walked by, kicked" On the 25th Haaretz had to admit it was totally wrong and published a correction in which the IDF proves that Haaretz''s story was completely false. Unfortunately Haaretz''s allegations are eagerly repeated in foreign media and on the web, while the corrections - if issued at all - are ignored or too late to undo the damage to Israel''s image...

Ha'aretz Fuels Anti-Israel Bias

See now CAMERA''s additions to the NOT too respectful list of unreliable Haaretz journalists who are predictable Israel-bashers.

HAARETZ Awarded Take-A-Pen’s Liar Of The Month For May 2004

HA''ARETZ is the liar of the month for May 2004 at Take-A-Pen, for its ''achievements'' in Amira Hass'' article "One step ahead of the bulldozer".

The title ''Liar of the month, published on our site http://www.take-a-pen.org/, is being translated into 15 languages. This is the first time the title goes to an Israeli media organ.
It is not easy to be an outstanding or #1 liar in any month in today''s brutally biased media, over which we, Take-A-Pen!, maintain a constant watch in several languages...

Haaretz On The Nablus Operation

Subtle Lies through false impressions and omissions
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