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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Dear Doctor Friends,

Physician Friends of Israel and of the truth:

This is a CALL:   Help to 'Cure Untreated Gangrene' of  certain Medical  Journals!


We suggest that you read first the well-researched article below: "Anti-Israel Bias Infects Medical Journals".


Then, if you find it justified, please forward this to your colleagues, and start to Write a Letter to the Editor of these medical journals, to demand fair and proportionate reporting about medical matters in Israel, and about Israel's relationship to Palestinians in medical matters.


We'd be glad to receive a copy (Bcc) of your letter and to publish it on our www.takeapen.org website.


                        Thank you,

                        Take-A-Pen for Truth about Israel

Anti-Israel Bias Infects Medical Journals

Published February 4, 2010
Barbara Kay
As all doctors know, untreated gangrene in a single limb can spread quickly through the body and lead to death. The most effective way to halt the progress of gangrene is to cut off the corrupting limb, a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

As with bodies, so with scientific credibility.
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