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Letter to the BBC news online, on reporting a terror attack on Israel, sent 5.1.2003

To the BBC newsonline copy writers I simply cannot believe that you chose to attach this totally irrelevant paragraph at the end of your story about the devastating carnage caused by two homicide bombers in Tel Aviv:  "Earlier on Sunday, Israel carried out a test launch of its Arrow missile interceptors as part of its preparations for a potential US-led war in Iraq".

Just what has this got to do with such a sad and mindless terrorist attack which has murdered at least 19 innocent civilian passers by and injured probably in excess of 100.
Any claim the BBC makes to be unbiased is totally lacking in credibility when you do something like this.  what was the point you were trying to make. and if you had to make such a fatuous link would it not have been more appropriate to recognise that the purpose of interceptors is not war, but defence against attack that is highly likely to be aimed at Israel when Iraq will use this as an excuse to target her.
I am simply appalled by your insensitivity and clear agenda at a time such as this. 
What a change it would be if just for once the BBC could report a terrorist attack on Israel straight instead of tagging on irrelevant red herrings.  I can't imagine the same kind of irrelevance being used had the attacks happened in London or Manchester. 
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