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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Summary and Call for further action

The Judge firmly demanded handover by TV-2 of the 27-minute unedited film shot by Talal Abu Rahmeh, kept as secret for 7 years!


Nidra Poller's article is the best real 'Law and Order' story I read in years. A great first success in the al-Durrah Case. Further successes are needed until victory.


At the end of her article Nidra Poller asks: "Will President Sarkozy exert his authority and imperatively request state-owned France 2 to come forward, produce the evidence and, eventually, dismiss collaborators who have participated in this hoax...as requested in the incriminated Media Ratings release?"


Exactly for this TakeAPen sent the letter (1) to President Sarkozy urging his positive intervention to undo Chirac's negative one in court last year. This Call We present on our website this letter to Pres. Sarkozy and several other action calls of others, including a petition, in our Call for Letter-Writing.


In 2007-2008 the Mohammed Al-Dura case and the France 2 video, as if showing Mohammed Al-Dura's death, were reexamined in the Paris Appeal Court.   The Verdict on May 21, 2008: the defendent Philippe Karsenty was found "Not guilty",  meaning that France 2's Al-Durra video can be legally considered as a staged fake! 


Watch the main findings and the essence of the Paris Verdict in this 2 minute short Cartoon, or comics flash movie, made by Take-A-Pen:  'Who killed the kid - online?  Did Muhammad Al-Durra die?


After this first success we all can do something to support this case - like: Send this cartoon to your friends! Write and Send a Letter to the media or to an influential person or forum - in order to spread the Paris Verdict and the truth about the Muhammad al-Durrah. Dismantle the Al-Dura PR disaster to Israel.

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