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Standwithus Letter-Writing Call

Jews are no strangers to accusations of blood libel. We know that they insight anger, hatred, and even mass murder.

Friday, August 31, 2007.

Dear Friends,
We need your help.
Please take five minutes and fax a note to French President Nicolas Sarkozy about the upcoming trial in two weeks regarding the release of critical footage by French television that would show that the Palestinian boy, Mohammed al-Dura, was not killed by Israelis.

This is important because the al-Dura incident has been used to inflame the Arab world, and continues to be used to this day as a trigger for hatred and ideological warfare, and even violence. Tell President Sarkozy that the photo of al-Dura was at the crime scene of the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, who actually lived in France with his wife for a period of time. The case of Mohammed al-Dura is still brought up on college campuses, to illustrate that Israel is "the worlds worst human rights abuser" It would be extremely significant if French TV finally released this footage.

By sending a brief note to President Sarkozy, it will let him know that there are people who care and are watching to see if justice will be done in this case. Thank you for your help.

Below you will find a sample letter and more background, as well as President Sarkozy's fax number.

DONT WAIT PLEASE.... Time is of the essence....and please don't assume that others will do this. Please get involved.

Please join the effort to help ... friend Philippe Karsenty who created Media-Ratings in 2004 in response to mistakes and misinformation that the French media outlets were publishing on many subjects. Philippe is appealing an unfair conviction for defaming a French television journalist. At issue is the alleged killing of a Palestinian boy, Mohammed al- Dura, who became a symbol of the "2nd intifada." It is obvious that the film in which he supposedly "dies" is a fake. See "The Al-Dura Hoax." The trial begins on September 12, 2007, we are appealing to French President, Nicolas Sarkozy for his support in this matter. A victory for Philippe is critically important, as it will aid in insuring factual and honest reporting throughout the entire international media. It is not only Philippe Karsenty who is on trial, but the State of Israel and Jewish people throughout the world.

Below is a sample letter to French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. Please copy, (personalize) and paste the letter below, or write your own letter, and print on your letter-head, or blank piece of paper, date and sign it. Please forward this call to your lists.

Sarkozy's fax number from US
011 33 1 47 42 24 65


President Nicolas Sarkozy

Via Facsimile: 011 33 1 47 42 24 65

Subject: Mohammed al-Dura Hoax and trial of Philippe Karsenty

Dear President Sarkozy:

Congratulations on your election.

We are a group of concerned American citizens appealing to you for support relative to serious misrepresentations made by French state TV broadcasting and more specifically to the Mohammed al-Dura fraud case. On September 12, 2007, Philippe Karsenty of Paris will present his appeal of a 2006 judgment against him for defamation rendered in favour of Charles Enderlin, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for France 2, and the television station responsible for airing the Mohammed al-Dura hoax.
At issue is the alleged killing of a Palestinian boy, Mohammed al-Dura, who became a symbol of the "2nd intifada." It is obvious that the film in which he supposedly "dies" is a forgery. France 2 is holding 27 minutes of raw footage of the incident, which could resolve the controversy once and for all, but if refuses to do so.

France 2 published a fabricated and misleading photo that launched a worldwide upheaval resulting in at least 500 deaths, and rage throughout the Muslim world. Moreover, the al-Dura scam has successfully established a pattern for many other fabricated revenge atrocities. Daniel Pearl was killed to avenge al-Dura. Pearl's killers used al-Dura's image in the video of Pearl's murder. Osama bin Laden invoked the "dead" child's name in recruitment videos in a celebratory fashion after 9/11.

The verdict rendered in Philippe Karsenty's al-Dura trial in September of 2006 was clearly a miscarriage of justice. Philippe Karsenty's appeal is scheduled for trial on September 12, 2007. It is very disconcerting that a journalist acting in good faith by attempting to establish the truth relative to an issue of tremendous importance would end up having to defend himself twice.

We clearly are not suggesting that anyone interfere with the course of justice. We are writing to bring this important matter to your attention and are sincerely hoping that France 2 will finally admit to the fraud, release the withheld footage, and that Philippe Karsenty will be absolved of defamation, and therefore France 2 will be recognized as being responsible for the fraud which it has perpetrated upon the entire world.


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