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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Take-A-Pen Chairman’s Letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy:

To: Le Président de la Republique, Nicolas Sarkozy

Via Facsimile: 00 33 1 47 42 24 65

Dear President Sarkozy:   

September 3, 2007


Subject: Trial of Philippe Karsenty about the Mohammed al-Durrah fake - and the role of France's President

Your election to France's president has changed the world's spiritual map.  France, one of the world's opinion leaders, radiates sincerity again.  Many people around the world start to believe again that honest and brave leadership may be stronger than deals and political correctness.

We are approaching you about a complex legal case coming to an appeal court in France soon; where a defamation case, a blood libel against the Israeli people, and the reputation of France, its justice system and its President are at stake.

Below I recall some facts about this case and about the close involvement of the French presidency.

(We, Take-A-Pen, are a global volunteer organization around the world which in 18 languages and in many countries watches the media and public life for their truth or untruth said and done, particularly about Israel and the Middle East. We act and publicly write in defense of the truth.)


One of the worse atrocities against truth the world has seen in recent years was the less than a minute long movie of France's TV-2 about the alleged deliberate killing of a Palestinian boy, Mohammed al-Durrah, by Israel.

This movie and the photos became the most powerful icons of the Palestinians, of global Jihad and of hatred of Israel around the world.

Powerful icons both for honest people who naïvely believed that such cruelty had really happened, and for global Islamist militancy which uses it since then for recruitment to terrorism, for incitement to hatred of their young ones and even as a direct pretext of an estimated at least 500 deaths in the worldwide upheaval Islamists launched after the movie, including the murder of the journalist Daniel Pearl.

Daniel Pearl's killers used al-Durrah's image in the video showing Pearl's beheading.


The problem with the France TV-2 movie is that it most probably is an absolute fake.


The short al-Durrah show, published and distributed in the whole world free by TV-2, was edited from a forty times (!) longer raw footage. But that raw footage, at least 27 minutes long, was never shown by TV 2 to the world or to professionals who formally requested to see it.

The single witness of the al-Durrah movie's authenticity was the photographer, Palestinian cameraman Talal Abu Rahma himself. Charles Enderlin, Jerusalem Bureau Chief for France 2 then, had not been present when the al-Durrah movie was shot and apparently did no serious check of authenticity before he released the libelous movie.


On the other hand great many signs and professional researches made by German, American, international and French expert teams (including investigating reporter Philippe Karsenty of Paris) indicate that the movie in which the boy supposedly "dies" - is a complete forgery!

Absurd contradictions were found by dozens within that short movie, like: we can hear maybe a hundred shots, but later a recording was found that during the editing of the movie the sound of one shot was endlessly repeated. Or: after the hundreds of shots not one hole was seen in the drum which stood right behind father and son allegedly for 45 minutes of shootings. Or: the ambulance arrived and left the scene within a few seconds; hardly enough for sportsmen to jump into the back of a car; but the evacuation of the injured boy or his body could never be seen. No body or reliable hospital record of the allegedly dead boy was ever found or documented.


All circumstantial evidence suggests strongly that a cunning fake made by the photographer combined with the utmost professional negligence by the film's editor, Charles Enderlin, produced one of the most severe global blood libels of our time.

Release of the crucial evidence held by TV-2 could solve the doubts. It seems that this is exactly what TV-2 wants to avoid.


Since then this most ‘successful' fake propaganda film inspired a whole new Palestinian and Islamist lie industry; whole studios, widely called and documented as ‘Pallywood', are fabricating staged false ‘news'.


In recent years the falsity of TV 2's al-Durrah movie has gradually became a global consensus. The only way TV-2 could obstruct truth be found and be fully proven, has been its refusal to disclose the full raw footage.

Last September the French court rendered, after then-President Chirac's rather weird intervention, a judgment against Philippe Karsenty for defamation, in favour of Charles Enderlin and TV-2 television station.

This politicized judgment damaged very seriously the reputation of President Chirac, of the French justice system and of France as a whole.



Dear President Sarkozy!  On September 12, 2007 Philippe Karsenty will present his appeal to the court against the 2006 judgment.

We are appealing to you now for your support to a fair and not manipulated appeal procedure. 

Of course we are not suggesting that you interfere with the course of justice; but we do suggest that you undo the previous French President's intervention seemingly against finding the inconvenient truth.

We do request that you support the court ordering France TV-2 to release the crucial evidence: the 27 minutes long footage, filmed by the sole witness cameraman, and never shown to the public or to experts. 


True that the release of that evidence and the court's finding the truth about France 2's fraud are going to cause embarrassing moments for certain people and institutions.  But such embarrassing moments are going to come anyway.  The question is whether you, France's President today, are going to be the hero of finding the truth - or its obstructer, as Mr. Chirac may be remembered for a long time.


We wish you, to France and Israel, to Philippe Karsenty and the whole world; success for Justice.




Chairman of Take-A-Pen

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