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Can France 2’s famous Muhammad al-Durra movie be a fake? Reader's letter

Take-A-Pen Reader's Letter published in The Jerusalem Post

To the Letter Editor

as published on November 22, 2007


More important than the personal

Sir, - Re: "Outcry raised over missing minutes in al-Dura film"(Nov.19): It is commendable that the Post is covering this case, which has suffered from insufficient media attention. But I disliked the tone of this article, which repeatedly generalized supporters of Philippe Karsenty's views such as myself  as 'crying foul', as if this were a football match. 

Our international media-watch organization, Take-A-Pen, has followed this important and tragic case since September 2000. I traveled to Paris to learn and do more for the truth and not to support a person, though I respect Karsenty's courage in standing up for what he believes.

The article discussed the interesting point that France 2 presented only 18 minutes of footage instead of the known 27 minutes. I saw those 18 minutes together with the jury, and there isn't a single frame there supporting France 2's Charles Enderlin's original voiceover assessment that Israeli soldiers killed the boy, or were involved in his death in any way. On the other hand, I observed and upon request can present many indications that France 2's film was staged; as Philippe Karsenty says.

More important than the personal aspect is the fact that hundreds of millions have believed for years France 2's statement about terrible Israeli brutality committed against a young boy; a belief that today seems totally unfounded.



Take-A-Pen, Haifa

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