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The Editor, DAILY TELEGRAPH via dtletters@telegraph.co.uk May 17, 2007

(Sir) Both the headline and the item "Israel Joins in Gaza Violence," (May 17) are misleading.  Israel has no reason to "join in" the factional street-fighting going on there.  Fatah and Hamas terrorists are murdering each other and their families, the much-trumpeted recent Saudi-brokered "pact" between them has proven counterfeit and there is little law and less order.

Israel's legitimate interest is in protecting its citizens. Ceaseless Palestinian rocketing from Gaza this week hit an Israeli school and a synagogue, serious injuries have occurred, thousands of schoolchildren and others have been traumatised.  In the face of all this, few other countries would have shown so much restraint for so long before hitting back.  Not indiscriminately at ordinary, plain "Palestinians" - the impression left by the seeming reluctance of your Foreign Staff to join up dots - but by pinpointing from the air the murderous thugs behind the rocket attacks.

Yours faithfully

Walter Leaf
Wembley Park, Middx

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