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Demolition of Terrorists' Houses Near Jenin - for a bomb of 15 Kgs explosive device at a baby carriage

IDF Spokesperson's Announcement;

December 20 2004

As part of the ongoing battle against the terror infrastructure, IDF forces demolished last night the houses of Muhamed Fathi Dib Ayosh and Basem Mustafa Asad Abid, two Fatah operatives, in Arabeh, south west of Jenin.

Ayosh and Abid were part of a terrorist cell which planned a terrorist attack at the "Talpiyot" market in Haifa. The terrorist cell was dispatched by Mahmud Halifa and Zachariah Zbeidi, the head of the El Aqsa martyrs brigade in Jenin. On August 11, 2004, Ayosh and Abid drove the terrorist, who planned to carry out the terrorist attack, to the Qalandiya checkpoint, but when they realized that they wouldn't be able to cross through the checkpoint they decided to detonate the explosive device at the checkpoint. The terrorists planted the 15 Kgs explosive device at a baby carriage and approached the border police force at the checkpoint. The explosion of the device resulted in the injury of six border policemen, three of them severely, the death of two Palestinians and the injury of many other Palestinians.
Abid was arrested few hours after the explosion and Ayosh escaped to a hospital in Ramallah and was arrested a day later.
The demolition of terrorist's houses is a clear message to suicide bombers and their accomplices that anyone who is involved in terrorist activity will pay a price for his or her actions. The IDF will continue to use all legal means in order to strike at terrorists, their dispatchers and those who provide them with assistance.
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