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Sample letters: The construction of Israel's security fence,Powell Criticizes Israel on Fence

Subject: The construction of Israel's security fence

Mr. Bill Graham

Dear Sir:
On October 1/03 you commented on the construction of Israel's security fence. You stated that "We believe the construction of the wall in ways which destroys the peace process, as has been suggested by the secretary-general, is both unwise and not the right thing to do." Please allow me to offer some facts.
1) The fence is not "destroying the peace process." The fence is being constructed in REACTION to terror attacks on civilians in Israel.
2) If the fence prohibits the Palestinians from using terror as a weapon, the Israeli's will not have to respond and a period of calm can ensue. This is the only way peace can ever have a chance to begin. The security fence, therefore, is our hope FOR peace, not an attempt to destroy peace.
3) If Arafat's PA had lived up to their assurances that they would dismantle terrorist organizations, there would never have been need to build a fence, and there would be a partner to make a peace with. Until that happens, it is a sham to call the current state of war a "peace process."
4) Israeli's are working diligently to ensure that only land that is necessary to save Jewish lives is encompassed within the fence. There is no "land grab." Palestinians are being compensated for land that is taken, gates are being built to permit easy access, and thousands of olive trees are being replanted on the Arab side of the fence. These are just a few of many steps being taken. Israel's goal is the protection of her citizens.

Mr. Graham, Israel is struggling for her very existence. Five million Jews are surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs who have been taught by their dictator governments and religious leaders that Jews are their enemy and their goal is to eradicate them. It is incumbent upon the Canadian government to use their political, economic and diplomatic influence to promote Israel's security and the terms to permit peace. I urge you to clearly know the facts. By misrepresenting Israel's intentions, you do a disservice to the innocent victims of terror, something I am sure you do not mean to do.

Ruth Ekstein

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