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Letter to the USA Ambassador to the United Nations

March 19, 2004

 Ambassador John D Negroponte

799 United Nations Plaza

New York, New York 10017-3505

 Dear Mr. Ambassador,

 Israel has a legitimate right to defend herself against terrorist activities and to build a security barrier. All U.N. member nations protect their borders at sea, at land, and at airports by strict physical and legal means from any illegal immigration or illegal workforce. In Israel the security fence being constructed at this time is against  much graver Palestinian activities. The erecting of the security barrier is not a question of " apartheid", but a question of self defense, of life and death for the Israeli citizens.

            I strongly request you to acknowledge the right of Israel to protect herself from terrorist activities by defensive acts such as building the security barrier. The concept of such a fence is not new. As a matte of fact, it is quite common in the world today, yet it is only Israel that is being singled out. What about the fence between the United States and our ally, Mexico ? There is a security fence between North and South Korea.. If Israel must remove the security fence, the fence between Turkey and Cyprus should also be removed. The same is true for the fence in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The fence in the harbor area of the Hook of Holland to keep the "wrong " people out of Holland should be dismantled. Also, what about he fence between two UN member nations India and Pakistan ? Shouldn't that fence also be removed ? I question the legitimacy of the newly constructed fence between Saudi Arabia, our staunch ally and neighboring Yemen. The Saudi government criticizes the Israeli security fence at the same time they construct their own !! Does the electrified fence between Botswana and Zimbabwe not count ?

            Mr. Ambassador, where is the equity  in all of this? After all of the other fences are dismantled, then the United Nations can ask Israel to remove her security fence. Until that time, there should be no further discussions.



Maitland, Florida

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