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Dear Editor:
Sub: Madrid, Israel, Global Terror and the Fence

The horrific Madrid attacks and the 'routine' attack in Ashdod, Israel, within a day, illustrate well that terrorism is global, and it remains terrorism whether it happens in Madrid or Ashdod.

It makes me mad and sad to hear about 'the Madrid bombings being in response to Spain's participation in the war in Iraq', and therefore that participation is to be blamed. This way of thinking makes again the criminal into a victim and the victim into a criminal.

Even though my own support for the war in Iraq was lukewarm at best, THERE CAN BE NO EXCUSE FOR TERROR, for deliberate killing of civilians! This is a clearcut value we need to say loud and clear about Madrid, Ashdod, Iraq, always. Since, unfortunately, there are people cunning enough to manipulate this value and other people naive enough not to figure that out on their own.

As for the Ashdod attack, it shows Israel's fence campaign in a strange light. Though Israel's choice is mainly between building the security fence or suffer more terror attacks, even a fence fails to prevent a bombing when Israel gives mass work permits to Palestinian Arabs, coming from Ghaza this time. This abuse by Palestinian terrorists of the remaining limited freedom of movement between Israel and the territories may lead to a more strictly closed fence.

Anna V.,

(wearing a black button in solidarity with terror victims in Spain and Israel)

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