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The November 2003 Newsletter of Take-A-Pen's Spanish Editor, Ignacio

Dear Take-A-Pen Readers!


The European Union prefers Dead Jews over a Wall


In this month the European Union and European media has chosen already: between a security wall with doors and controlled pathways, similar to those used by EU countries, like Spain at Ceuta, against illegal immigration, or a parade of  dead Jews, we Europeans preferred dead Jews. Javier Solana denounced the construction of the wall in such harsh words he never ever used to denounce a killer of a mere dozen of Israeli civilians.

Never mind that this 'wall' is not a wall at all, but actually an 142 km long simple electronic wire fence, and only in 8 km length, adjacent to densely populated areas, is a high concrete wall. The Wall-lie is much more strongly built by today, than to surrender to such simple facts. Never mind also that a never-ever before existing 100% consensus of Israeli security experts have been telling to the last two governments that the fence is the surest and least violent way to minimize Israeli civilian victims of Arab terror. Who cares for Israeli civilian victims?

Recently AFP, the French Press Agency , on Middle Eastern matters run exclusively by ethnically clean Muslim staff, compiled a list of terror victims in the last year. Israelis were not mentioned at all. Why should killing a Jew be considered as terror in Europe?

In effect, there sure could be even more effective ways to stop terrorists than the construction of a fence, or even of a wall: If the Palestinians would begin to arrest or stop their terrorists, but obviously that is something that the Palestinians are not going to do, and in fact, the Europeans seemingly do not wish. There is double benefit now for us in Europe: some of those hated Jews got killed, and we have pleased our Arab friends letting them to do what they want which will be good for business..

The past year, Jewish communities in Spain opened a campaign in which they presented a manifesto against Judeofobia in Spain. The whole media spectrum, from state news agency EFE to every TV channel boycotted the act. But when Palestinian NGO-s arrived at Spain and in Europe as a whole, it took not  more than 48 hours to dedicate them Web space, content, forms and photography. These Islamist organizations, which defend Palestinian and other Muslim terrorism, are well covered by EFE, the national news agency. It is obvious, that you can not request to publish an article that explains the truth what is the Israeli Security Wall really like, and then all can see that the Spanish border with Melilla is much worse than that Wall.

That is why above an interview with the Embassy of Israel in Madrid any Arab NGO gets priority.

Is this Spain the same country and Europe the same continent which claim to be "neutral" and a place for signing peace accords?. Why not, when the same journalists who sign petitions against the survival of the Jewish people say loudly they are "neutral"?

If you think this is not fair, write to your politician and to your paper!

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