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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Christians Take A Pen for Israel

For almost a decade now, Christian friends of Israel sometimes take a pen with us, and write letters defending Israel's good name. Would you like to try this once? For information contact us.


Below is an overview of Take A Pen's history and relationship with Christian friends around the globe.
Take a Pen was initiated by a small group of European and Israeli citizens deeply concerned with the heavy media-bias against Israel, at the end of year 2000, when after the outburst of the massive Palestinian terror-wave the Western press did not denounce terror, but mostly bashed Israel instead.
Today we, many volunteers around the world, Jews and Christians, non-religious people and people of any faith, we write readers' letters to the media, and citizens' letters to politicians and institutions, defending the truth about the conflict, Israel's right to exist and the hope for peace. We are not part of and do not serve any political or religious organization or any government, but co-operate willingly with any truth-seeking group or individual. 


Take-A-Pen meeting with the Board of Christians For Israel International. January 2, 2001, in Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
On the last row, between CFII President Rev. W. Glashouwer (fourth from right) and Dutch Christenen Voor Israel Chairman Rev. Jaap de Vreugd (second from right), standing TAP founder Endre Mozes.

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Take A Pen's first foreign connection was with Dutch Christian friends of Israel. They started public letter writing by the name: Pak-je-Pen (Take your Pen) since our Endre Mozes' visit at Christenen Voor Israel's headquarters in Nijkerk, Holland, September 2001.


Friends of Israel

In sorrow..


The Hague - February 2004
Christians and Jews from all over the world show solidarity with Israeli victims of terror.

And in Joy...

A most colorful demonstration of Christian love and friendship with Israel, takes place every year during the weeklong festival of Succot - the Feast Of Tabernacles.  Thousands of marchers converge on the capital and march through the streets. Through the years this march has become a special event of showing solidarity with Israel and friends of Israel of all over the world arrive to take part in this march. International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Feast pilgrims from 70 nations and other Christian groups take place in this Jerusalem March, making up almost 50 percent of the crowd of 10,000 marchers.

Palm Sunday - Jerusalem 2004

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