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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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BY DAVID PARSONS, issued by the International Christian Embassy

(Excerpt from the INTRODUCTION of this new monography :)

As the nation of Israel continues to struggle for legitimacy and security against an array of daunting political, moral and existential challenges, nothing seems out of bounds for her most virulent adversaries. Even the tragedy of the Holocaust has been turned into yet another blunt instrument with which to strike out against her, as many are unduly equating Israel's treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazi treatment of Jews.

In the same spirit, those who offer support to Israel in the Christian world are being delegitimized and even demonized by a growing chorus of critics in the media, the Left and even among fellow Christians. Our moral and biblical stand with Israel is under unprecedented scrutiny and most discussions on Christian Zionism inevitably seem to turn to the question of our 'real' motives. Often we are portrayed as a recent outgrowth of the American Christian Right and its supposed efforts to impose its political will in and through Washington. Even more sinister, we are accused of blocking the way to peace in the Middle East or of having some dark 'end time' agenda that seeks to hasten the Apocalypse and force one last, massive convert-or-die scenario on the Jewish people.

Regrettably, such portrayals are a gross distortion of the true heart of the Christian Zionist movement, its biblical inspiration, long and proud history, global reach and honorable aims.

This monograph is the first in a series of academic and theological papers, entitled the Good Stewards series, intended to address the criticism and charges against Christian Zionism in relation to the way this biblical belief system is understood and advocated by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. The ICEJ is a mainstream Christian ministry with a worldwide constituency that includes Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox believers from over 125 countries, all with one common denominator: Each one has a God-given, often inexplicable love for Israel and the Bible. In reading that Bible, they have realized it has favorable things to say about Israel and the Jewish people, including the promise of a future restoration to their ancient homeland.

Thus as a leading voice and vanguard for the global Christian Zionist movement, the ICEJ seeks to place on the public record more fully the theological foundations of our beliefs and actions, and the compelling love for all humanity that is our core motivation.
(To read the whole monography visit ICEJ's site http://www.icej.org/  )

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