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CHRISTIAN CITIZEN'S LETTER: On WCC and its selective morality

by Kenneth Sikorsk

To: The World Council of Churches

As a Christian, I am appalled by the WCC's 'selective use' of church morality, in calling for divestment from Israel because it maintains a presence within Judea and Samaria, the disputed territories. The recent actions by the WCC, only goes further to complicate a situation, that is ironically just beginning to show signs of renewed interest by both parties. Your signaling Israel out for divestment in spite of more worthier candidates (China, Syria for starters) is not lost on both Israel and others, who hope for a peaceful end to the conflict. The other portion of Palestinian society who see any measure taken by the international community against Israel, as a vindication for past terrorist activity, will only become more emboldened and intransigent in their methods of violence against innocent Israelis.

This divestment policy smacks of a pro-Palestinian biased policy within the WCC, and will prove to be counter-productive in achieving a final peace between these two parties. Last years verdict handed down by the ICJ, is symptomatic of the disingenuous attitude of the worlds political bodies, who only look at the situation through one party's viewpoint. The justice Israel receives at the hands of these international bodies, is analogous of the justice meted out to the black man, in a segregated South. In other words, the verdict was known well before the ICJ court convened.

I respectfully request that the WCC review its recent decision of divestment from Israel, and understand that Israel, too, has a point of view, and interprets international law that applies to the territories (UNSCR 242) to not solely apply to Israel alone, but is dependant on the compliance of other parties as well. Also included in the equation, is the original League of Nations mandate that allowed Jews to closely settle the land, the same land now in question. This whole business of selective divestment by the WCC from Israel, while China occupies Tibet, and the Dalai Lama resides in exile.............stinks.

Kenneth Sikorski

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