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Letter of Complaint: The West Dunbartonshire Council's Boycott Is ACTIVELY RACIST


To The West Dunbartonshire Council

To Ms. Natasha Brooks - Customer Relations Officer


Dear Ms. Natasha Brooks;                                                  June 1, 2011

Subject: Complaint: The West Dunbartonshire Council's Boycott Is Actively RACIST


We have just read your reply to David Frankfurter's complaint, and we do appreciate the time and effort you took to send that. This feeds the hope that you may be ready to honestly re-examine and if justified, as we believe, then to courageously correct yourself.


Until now most of your corrections of facts in your letter, or, actually in the West Dunbartonshire Council's statement, however, are more incriminating than vindicating - when your leading statement proving the Council's innocence is that Israeli books have NOT been "removed from the shelves of the West Dunbartonshire's libraries or have been burned". 


What I claim here and am going to prove in the following is that even without burning books the West Dunbartonshire Council‘s policy and actions are Actively Racist, and therefore illegal according to British Law.


The three central criteria of Racism or any form of it, according to a practical formula, briefer than the full legal definition, and as defined by The Berlin Conference on Anti-Semitism and Racism in 2007, are that: anyone who commits Discrimination, Demonisation or Delegitimisation (or any of these "Three D-s") against any ethnic, religious or other community, is committing the crime of racism.  

And, if this goes beyond mere views told in public, which are criminal offences in themselves, and do also materialize in actions against those communities, then we can call it Active Racism.


Maybe the Council's original decision against Israel in January 2009 was only an immature mistake of emotionally motivated prejudice, ill-based too fast on televised anti-Israeli propaganda which seemed to you then as truth, and was formulated too easily as an official decision before you had and properly checked the facts.


But to continue to speak and to act the same way today, after even Hamas officials witnessed that most of their dead were fighters, is, no doubt, spreading Demonisation without proof, and therefore constitutes Active Racism on behalf of the West Dunbartonshire Council.


Firstly, because the atrocities attributed to the state of Israel are not proven at all, and even the Goldstone Committee's dubious sole case of alleged intentional killing of Palestinian civilians were dramatically withdrawn as misconceived and null and void by Judge Goldstone himself.  


Moreover, the West Dunbartonshire Council's racist Discrimination against Israel is best proven by the fact that the Council have never boycotted or sanctioned in any way the worst real perpetrators of genocide and other horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Like Sudan which exterminated 200,000 to 2 million of its non-Arab citizens; like Iran which killed, and persecutes and kills until today members of the Bahai and other religious communities and also homo-sexuals; or like several Muslim countries where Christian minorities are persecuted and allegedly immoral women are tortured and stoned to death in the most barbaric ways.


Therefore, committing this Discrimination, the West Dunbartonshire Council is proven beyond doubt to be Actively Racist, and to act in an Actively Racist manner against Israel - or in plain words: against the Jewish people. 


This shame and crime of the West Dunbartonshire Council can not be washed white by any word-twisting, but only by the full and immediate recall of your illegal words and acts.

I wish the West Dunbartonshire Council to have the common-sense and moral courage to do just that.  




Endre (Andre) Mozes




P.s.: This letter will be published, as will be your reply.


Cy: David Frankfurter

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