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Haiti - Israel came from the other side of the world to help

2010 January 30 - TakeAPen editorial 


The earthquake is over in Haiti causing approximately 200,000 dead and millions traumatized. Several hundreds of thousands are living at present and going to remain in . lethal danger for many weeks to come. 

In this desperate situation of Haiti Israel turned out to be not only the first one to operate any serious medical assistance for the victims, and the largest one by far for its size to do so (the third largest in absolute terms after the US and France – once the colonialist ruler of Haiti). In addition to this the Israeli field hospital is still the most professional and  most effective one in whole Haiti. Israel’s contribution is worth more than that of all its many oil-rich bashers, combined. 


CNN reporter Elizabeth Cohen reporting from Haiti


Now, guess what Israel's enemies say about this now? Do they say "Kudos to Israel" or "Sorry, we'll  check and change our mind about Israel" or  "They are bad guys, but let's cooperate with them at least in Haiti"? - No, none of these.  What they say is that Israel has set up this field hospital in order to "steal organs" for sale.  These sources reject the suspicion that they are motivated by anti-Semitism. True that they don't accuse Jews with preparing their matzo bread with the blood of Christian children. All in all they are only accusing Israelis to kill  Palestinian and Haitian children, for cutting out and stealing their  hearts - "and this is NOT anti-Semitism, but freedom of speech".


Endre (Andre) Mozes

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