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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Bravo Cecilia!

Take-A-Pen, 2009NOV23


Kibbutz Nahal-Oz, just a few hundred meters from the Gaza Strip border, has suffered hundreds of mortar shells from Gaza during recent years.


"Nahal-Oz can be translated as ‘Courage brook'. So, what do you think Nahal-Oz residents are doing?


For example Cecilia Bogdanovic is a Spanish-speaking Nahal-Oz resident, who works in a kindergarten, and in her leisure time writes letters in Spanish to world leaders to clarify that Israelis living  close to Gaza are peace-loving people, and that the  rocket and mortar attacks against them must be stopped.  In her further leisure time she does ceramics and other art work - her exhibition is opening on December 10, 2009 ( SEE photo).


In addition Cecilia is, all the time -whether work or leisure, smiling. Except the hours of attacks of course.


Our warmest greetings to you, bravo Cecilia!


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