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We Love Israel!

A heart-warming show of Christian solidarity




We Love Israel! – This was written on posters, that was what groups and individuals were chanting or shouting to you with a smile yesterday in Jerusalem, at the 2009 annual march of the representatives of Israelis and Israel’s Christian friends from all over the world, as part of the traditional Jerusalem Walk; on Succoth for Jews - Tabernacle for Christians.


5000 colorfully dressed Christian marchers represented over 100 countries. Large groups of delegates came again from Brazil, Finland and Norway, and of course from large Christian countries like the USA and Germany. Large delegations came also from South-East Asia, including from the largest Muslim state, Indonesia. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem contributed greatly to the organization of the walk.


We can show a few only of the myriad beautiful pictures we saw in this march of solidarity, among them the most colorfully dressed people - who came to celebrate Jerusalem from Papua New Guinea.





"Israel at lo levad! - Israel !No estas sola! - Israel, you are not alone!" says a big sign on the Spanish flag.


*text and photos Co Endre MOZES, Take-A-Pen

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