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Al-Dura Trial: Take-A-Pen's Exclusive VIDEO from Paris Court

Al-Dura Trial: Exclusive Interviews from Paris Court

A joint Honestreporting/Take-A-Pen project  - November 14, 2007

Take a Pen's Chairman, Endre MOZES from Paris:



On this video, taken in the courthouse right after the court saw France2's raw footage, there are 4 interviews: with Tom Gross, Take-A-Pen's Endre Mozes, Richard Landes and Philippe Karsenty.  
After 7 years of hiding their sources and their alleged evidence, on Nov. 14 2007 France-2 had to present to the Paris Appeal Court the full raw footage behind its famous Al-Durra movie and icon. To everyone's surprise France2 presented a total of 18 minutes long rushes only, instead of 27 minutes they had always talked about - what is rather suspicious in itself. 
The four interviewees watched carefully these 18 minutes, together with the panel of 3 judges, and saw nothing to support France 2's version.


 What Mozes emphasizes is that: "The main finding from the 18 minutes long France2 raw film is that there isn't a single frame there which supports in any remote way France 2 Charles Enderlin's voiceover assessment that Israeli soldiers killed the boy (or were involved in his death in any way)."

"On the other hand, I counted many points supporting Philippe Karsenty's view that the France 2 movie was staged;  

probably by Talal Abu Rahma, the sole eye-witness Palestinian cameraman."


The event's importance can not be overestimated.  It seems that the Al-Durrah movie proves not the century's worst brutality by Israel but the century's biggest and most libelous lie by its adversaries.

About the Verdict on May 21,2008 see Take-A-Pen's unique CARTOON VIDEO on YouTube ! 

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