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Meet Mr. Erdoganejad

16 June, 2010


By Andre Moses*



Abstract: The world finally realizes who Ahmadinejad really is. Re-elected in 2009 through brutal force, he violently oppresses any opposition, kills homosexuals, supports & funds global terror, threatens another nation with annihilation, and bans Google to cover up his crimes & lies. Erdogan seems to be a different person. A handsome man, dressed like a gentleman, looks like a moderate. The article shows that behind Erdogan's facade his deeds are radical Islamists like those of Ahmadinejad. Meet Mr. Erdoganejad; who had a major role in the recent Gaza Flotilla provocation by the Turkish IHH organization, linked to Jihadists and El Qaeda...  


The civilized world finally starts to understand who Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, really is. He was re-elected in 2009 through brutal force against his own nation's will, he violently oppresses any internal opposition, kills homosexuals and believes they don't exist any more in Iran, he funds terror in many places around the world, he threatens another nation with annihilation, he cheats the international community in his pursuit of nuclear weapons - and finally for world supremacy of Islam. And, when people started to reveal his crimes and lies - he simply banned YouTube and Google in his country.


The West's learning process has been very slow.  Only irecently has the UN Security Council finally reached a partly effective decision about economic restrictions against Iran. Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005 but for several years most liberal Western media believed that we had nothing to fear from Ahmadinejad's Iran.  TIME magazine's full-page essay "Inflating a little man" (by Joe Klein, Sep. 26, 2007) ridiculed the fear of Ahmadinejad's threats and nuclear ambitions, as if a hysteria of President Bush and his neocons advisors against a "ridiculous little man", whose largest fault was that he believed there were no homosexuals in Iran, but beyond that was not dangerous at all.  No serious person would say such a thing today, but this realization took too many precious years.




Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, seems to be a totally different person. A tall and handsome man, who dresses always as a gentleman and presents himself to the West as a moderate. But is he really? What was his role in the Gaza Flotilla tragedy?


Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak saw behind Erdogan's façade immediately.  When Turkish "peace-activists" (of the same IHH organization which organized the Gaza Flotilla later) tried to break the blockade of Gaza on the Egyptian side in January 2010, and the Egyptians forcefully stopped them, Erdogan criticized Egypt and praised his own humanitarian efforts. Mubarak said then that the Turkish initiative was not a humanitarian one but an attempt to be the hero of the radical Islam world.  The Egyptians said they knew who Erdogan really was; a politician acting on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood - the same organization that wanted to take over and destroy Egypt.


We want to learn who Mr. Erdogan is, in our own way: by his own words and even more by his deeds.

Before entering Turkish national politics, Erdogan served as Istanbul's mayor. In this colorful city, laying partly in Asia and partly in Europe, one learns to speak the languages of all; of moderate Muslims, of cosmopolitan and of Islamist Turks alike.  Erdogan learned them well, but in his deeds he always belonged to the third group.  In earlier Turkish elections fundamentalist Islamic parties were banned, according to the secular laws and tradition of Turkey, preserved successfully since Ataturk turned Turkey from a backward Muslim monarchy, into a progressive secular modern nation. 

In the elections of 2002, however, Erdogan's Islamic party succeeded in changing its appearance - including by its beautiful name: Justice and Development Party (AKP) -  sufficiently to circumvent the ban. They won a convincing election victory, primarily in the less developed rural regions, where most votes were controlled by the local imams.  The army - the traditional watchdog of Ataturk's legacy - decided, after difficult arguments only, not to veto the election results, and so Recep Erdogan came to power.


In the beginning of his reign, PM Erdogan was very careful not to reveal outgoing Islamization ambitions. But this is changing rapiidly. Erdogan is becoming increasingly radical.  The Turkish Air Force bombarded in the last month twice Kurdish villages told to be PKK strongholds. This is a dramatic escalation of the "normal" oppression of Turkey's minorities, first and foremost the 15 million Kurds living there. Erdogan's tone addressing Europe has also become radically Islamist - not requesting but demanding that Turkey be part of Europe, based on Islam's great past contributions to Europe's physical and cultural wealth - thereby closing Europe's doors to Turkey.  His internal policy, which is pro-Islam in every possible respect, and his choice of friends - pan-Islamic and nationalist extremists at home, and Ahmadinejad, Assad, Chavez and their like abroad, are making it clear for the Turkish people that Erdogan is consistently abandoning Ataturk's legacy of Turkey as a modern and developing secular country. 


Recent internal polls show, for the first time since his election, that the secular and moderate opposition in Turkey equals Erdogan's rural Islam support. Erdogan's answer to this challenge is to strengthen Turkey's Islamist identification, to try to get a leading personal role in global Islam, and to turn this to a Turkish nationalistic drive, keeping him in power.  



The recent Gaza Flotilla case may be part of Erdogan's long-term game plan. After the death of Turkish activists on board the "Free Gaza Flotilla" early in the morning on May 31, the world heard Erdogan's outcry within one hour, that is, certainly before any check of the evidence, condemning the "Israeli army's crimes against Turkish peace-activists", and this helped to make this the first impression on the global media and public opinion. Only several days later did we begin to understand, how the Turkish IHH Islamic "charity" organization, which had active links with several terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda, sent at least 40 hard-core "shaheeds" (who declared their intention to become Islamist suicide-fighters on tapes since revealed) to provoke violent clashes with the Israeli soldiers.


How could this terror-linked IHH receive a ship from the Turkish government and sail under Turkish flag, using the hundreds of mostly sincere activists as human shields !?  


What had been suspicion, has become a probability: Prime Minister Erdogan was in close contact with the suicide fighters and their leaders before their mission, according to testimonies of passengers on the Marmaris, including surviving 'shaheeds', as recorded by Israel before their release. So it is logical to assume that Erdogan had been involved in setting the real goals of the Gaza "Peace" Flotilla.  Some analysts suspect that Erdogan might have been even the main architect of the whole operation, aimed either at the breach and later lifting of the Gaza blockade - or at suicidal provocations of IDF until fatalities, in order to become the champion of the Palestinians and the leader of the Islam world, first in this respect.  Anti-Israeli circles on the other hand will certainly call such an analysis a "Zionist conspiracy". 


There is one hard fact, however, which can be evidence for the more credible version: Erdogan's government had already banned YouTube in Turkey in March 2010, and on June 5th, exactly when information on the internet increasingly illustrated the pre-planned violence of the Turkish government-sponsored IHH shaheeds, Erdogan banned Google services in Turkey.  Can it be that Erdogan has secrets and lies about his involvement to cover up?  Perhaps that "Zionist conspiracy" can be proven by video and other evidence available on YouTube and Google?  Otherwise, why to ban them?



Mr Erdogan's true portrait is taking shape and it is surprisingly similar to that of his tyrant Iranian friend. Of course Erdogan is more cautious and less provocative, because the Turkish army is still watching Turkey's secular heritage. But in fact he proceeds with a radical Islamist agenda: to turn Turkey into an Islamic republic, and to oppress internal opposition - starting with ban on free flow of information.  To promote Hamas today and Islam's world supremacy tomorrow.  


The stakes are very high. Will Turkey be again the most progressive secular state in the Islamic world, or become a fundamentalist Iran-like Islamic republic?  This is vital for the Turkish people and important for all freedom and peace loving nation.


This time the civilized world must not waste so many years to learn and to react.  Let's look at him well: looks like a handsome Mr Erdogan, but what we get is another Ahmadinejad.  Meet Mr. Erdoganejad!  And start to watch this Mr. Erdoganejad closely.

*Endre (Andre) Mozes, Copyright Take-A-Pen  

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