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29 March, 2010

Published in Diario of America .com

BERLIN- March , 2010 -

The Jewish community in Berlin complained about the "alrming" rise of anti-Semitic violence infflicted on Jews by Arab and Turkish  immigrant gangs after the local police reported two more separate attacks upon Jewish citizens, that took place over the weekend and are not connected with the others.

The community´s representatives have issued a joint statement, "There is an urgent necessity to root the anti-Semisitm out, particularly among the Arab and Turkish youths, to counter its harmful effects in an effective way".

"The fact that crimes of violence are targeted at Jews is alarming", the report goes on. " This issue is being taken with greater sensitivity regarding Germany´s Nazi  background".

During the previoust weekend, two women and one man were insulted and battered with glass bottles by an immigrant group in  a subway station .The local press reports that the three people were asked  before the attack  wheter they were Jews, when they responded affirmatively the attack broke out. Police said they were looking for the criminals.

A 61-year-old German citizen was arrested after he yelled out  anti-Semitic insults at two 10-year-old girls at  a train station. The offender also threatened a 28-year-old passerby who tried to protect the girls with a glass bottle.

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