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12 March, 2010
At least 39 people were killed in a double suicidal attack.

Pakistan--Two terrorist detonate explosives close to military vehicles in the citi of Lahore on Friday . The police comfirmed that 100 people were wounded and 39 is the death toll .

This is the fourth important  attack in Pakistan  , and the second in Lahore in one week , which seems to show that Islamic-Pakistani terrorists activities are on the rise  after a  period of relative calmness .

The terrorists were walking down the comercial street in the city center where several security  buildings stand. The police reported that 6 security member were killed , as reported on CNN.

No terrorist organization has admitted to the killing. But police souces said that the Pakistani terrorist   pro-Taliban wing  and  Al Qaeda terrorist groups are the prime suspects . It is thought that dozens of these attacks on Pakistan, a key ally of the U.S., were caused by these groups . Since last October , the death toll has reached 600 people .

Last Monday a suicidal terrorist explododed a  car-bomb  accross a police station leaving 30 people death .  This attack was vindicated by the Taliban.

Also this week, Islamic terrorists attacked a Christian Humanitarian Organization killing 6 of its Pakistani employees . Simulstaneously a bomb in the North West city of Peshavar left four people killed .

An Islamic religious leader , his son and two of his employees, were shot to death last night as the Pakistani GEO-TV Channel reported. Among the killed were the Terrorist Chief Aalami Khatm-i-Naboowat , Molana Saeed Jalalpuri , and his son Huzaifa Jalalpuri .

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