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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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6 February, 2005
Though it's inconvenient to say it loudly, days only after the monster left the stage, immediately new hopes, dialogues and good initiatives are flourishing everywhere around Israel and the Palestinians.

The atmosphere in Jerusalem is one of cautious optimism and a lot of hope. The feeling is that things have to work out and go forward this time. Let's hope this really is the beginning of better times ahead.

I feel we have a very important job to do around the world to challenge those anti Israel organizations in universities, and in the media who continue to insist on putting out a negative message.

It is quite ridiculous that while the Israelis and the Palestinians are doing quite a lot to get the peace process back on track and to send out positive messages, this is jeopardized by outsiders, who declare themselves "peace-activists", continuing to promote hatred and incitement.  European leaders seem to be queuing up to come to Israel to have a piece of the action in the renewal of the peace process. The German Chancellor made a very good impression in the Knesset by opening his speech in Hebrew, and was generally very well received. It has just been announced that the French foreign minister is coming. President Mubarak of Egypt is also making encouraging signs and is likely to visit  as well as sending out a positive message.

We believe we have a very important job to do today. Let's write on the new window of opportunities everywhere around the world, to media, to politicians, to and on those anti-Israel organizations, universities, and media, who go on with their negative messages.
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