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7 August, 2004
All tourists, whether Israel-loving or Israel-suspecting before arrival, are taken by surprise in Israel by the intensity of that special Israeli 'joie de vivre' present everywhere in this country; the religious way in Jerusalem, cosmopolitan in Tel-Aviv, Mediterranean along the seashore, Eilatian in Eilat, and in the smell of grilled meet on the Carmel and in modest neighborhoods.

This surprise comes simply because international newspapers and other media do not reflect at all the reality of life in Israel. To put it simply, most journalists who write on Israel don't seem to have any idea what is going on here. Many chew on politics and on terror, in the best cases even objectively so, many parrot Israel's opponents' rhetorics less objectively, but either do not catch - or do not tell what they caught of what is going on here.
That is why many people around the world believe that Israelis stay in their homes living in fear of suicide bombings and that Israel has implemented apartheid-style policies against the Palestinians living here.

The simple fact is that most Israelis live their life full, believing IT IS SAFE HERE - and since the fence it is almost true. The simple fact is that contrary to what you may read in the world press LIFE IS GOOD HERE and it is GOING ON WITHOUT SUCCUMBING TO TERRORISM.
 Israelis hardly stopped enjoying life ever, except maybe in the two worst months before Operation Defensive Shield started to curb terror in April 2002. Tourism in Israel is sharply growing again now. But what tells more about the quality of life in Israel is to count Muslims; young couples, young people of both sexes and families with more children, swarming in Haifa's best shopping centers, beaches or universities.

So You, dear Reader, can spread the word about good life in Israel. Anybody telling you the opposite you can suspect he or she never was here - or is a bitter person out of different reasons.

You do not believe? come to Israel and you will enjoy."

*Endre Mozes, Chairman Take a Pen
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