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Honour Killings of Muslim Women

31 August, 2005
What is an 'Honour Killing' ?

'Honour Killing' is the practice of killing such women in Arab societies, who allegedly committed a not honorable act (like a prohibited sexual relationship), by close family members, like the father or a brother, in
order to save the "honour of the family".

Of course there are no full and official data on these "H k " which are not unlawful in Arab societies.
An informal statistics on honor killings of women in Arab societies can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/4mw4n

According to the Human Rights Commission, the total number of honour killings is much higher than reports indicate, as data from some provinces and some remote regions is not available. Around 1,000 girls and women are murdered each year in Pakistan. More than two-thirds of all murders in Gaza Strip and West Bank are honour killings. In Jordan, there are an average of 23 honour killings each year. In Lebanon, around 36 honour killings are reported each year. In Egypt, there are some 52 honour killings reported every year. In Yemen, as many as 400 honour killings took place in 1997 alone.
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