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FOES: Hamas Leaders Tried for War Crimes! - FRIENDS: Hungarian and ITALIAN Philosemitism!!!

Giro d'Italia in Israel! and the ITALIA-Israel friendship

6 May 2018

It has been a wonderful 3 days long Big-Start of Giro d’Italia 2018 in Israel: 177 top cyclists  of the world in their colorful shirts swarmed in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel-Aviv; and the last 227 km to Eilat, through amazing desert landscapes.



On the 2nd day of the GIRO international cycling race I stayed in Caesarea, since the Tel Aviv main road was closed, and took photo of a

 List of old-established Jewish communities in Italy, on a monument at 

   Museum Rally in Caesaria, erected to honor "the many brave Italians who saved most of Italy's Jews during World War Two"...


    VIVA Italia! Long live the ITALIA/Israel friendship!





Let's think less of our foes, more of our Friends!
FRIENDS: In 2016/2017 TakeAPen is introducing a new global movement: the NEW PHILOSEMITISM  FORUM, starting in Eastern-Central Europe; with a recently published book:" Ki szereti a zsidokat? A magyar filoszemitizmus" - ("WHO LIKES THE JEWS? Hungarian Philosemitism") and starting the concept's actual social application.

Writing/editing the next book: "Who likes the Jews? Philosemitism in POLAND" - was underway, but suspended due to contraversial Polish legislation recently.

Research continues into past and present better Austro-Hungarian, Czech, Italian, German  and other coexistance, or "philosemitism" - See more on the website: www.philosemitism.com        


FOES: Da'esh (ISIS) and Hamas are parts of the same global terror threat. Hamas Leaders must be Tried for War Crimes!
This TakeAPen petition, with 50,000 signatures from 80 countries, demands to prosecute Hamas leaders for their War Crimes: targeting Israeli civilians; using Gazan civilians including children as human shields.

Among the recent Signatures there are from USA, France, Canada, Spain and Germany, but also from India, Russia, South Korea, South Africa and...  JOIN 50,000 and:

     SIGN our petition on http://takeapenglobal.com/ !

Our similar petition in 2009 (see in "Campaigns for Israel") was the first ever in the world, got 90,000 signatures, and is still on top of Google searches.  This present TakeapenGlobal petition is #1 for its legal proficiency. Our first goal is to educate the world about Hamas War Crimes. ISIS-Daesh and Hamas are the same threat!  PLEASE SIGN!  



- Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon,
- The President of of United Nations Security Council, and
- Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Subject: Hamas leaders must be tried for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity they have committed

Your Excellencies! We, the undersigned to this petition and millions more around the world, expect the UN’s decisive action against Hamas leaders’ flagrant war crimes and crimes against humanity. For many years now and in the present conflict too, Hamas leaders and their terrorist organization ruling the Gaza strip have consistently committed the major war crimes, as defined by International Law, of: indiscriminate fire at Israel’s civilian population; firing from within their own civilians, schools and hospitals. Hamas forced its civilians including children to stand on rooftops and other spots of great danger, using them as human shields – and You and the United Nations Security Council  have not done all possible to stop or even condemn these war crimes.

We expect and demand that You take now as soon as possible all measures in your powers to try the Hamas leaders before the International Criminal Court for committing, among others, these major war crimes and crimes against humanity:

  • Shooting thousands of rockets purposely and indiscriminately on civilian targets in Israel.
  • Firing these rockets from within Palestinian civilian compounds such as schools, hospitals and residential buildings; using their own civilians as human shields, placing them deliberately into harm’s way, such as places susceptible to be targets of missiles.
  • Hamas leaders bear the sole responsibility for this war and for the suffering on both side: Hamas fired 12,000 rockets into Israel as of today and refused any ceasefire.
  • Hamas leaders embezzled aid money received for the humanitarian needs of Gaza’s population and used it for an enormous military build-up.

This petition is NOT at all against the people of Gaza, just the opposite: We want to help to free Palestinians and Israelis alike from Hamas oppression, from terror and War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity committed by Hamas daily.


Yours sincerely:

Endre MOZES, chairman Take-A-Pen

      & All the Undersigned*     -  / SIGN here / Registrate / Podpis / Itt ird alá /


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The Truth about the Al-Dura libel - still here

The truth about al-dura
The truth about al-dura

 Israel did not kill M. Al-Dura!!! 

Take A Pen's key role in exposing the libelous and staged fake Al-Dura movie: Endre Mozes watched the 18 minutes raw footage France2 submitted to the Paris Court of Appeal; Not a single frame showed any Israeli involvement and there were clear signs of manipulating and staging the video. The verdict: 

The Gaza Flotilla - Peace activists or Terrorists?

The Gaza Flotilla
The Gaza Flotilla

The truth about the Gaza Flotilla and the people behind it: surprising videos and articles.
The Flotilla was NOT a peace convoy, the violence was a well- prepared  provocation!!! Turkey and Erdogan himself supported the organizer: Islamist IHH - a known terror organization!
Pressed for time? Listen to
the No. 1 Hit of the Flotilla Choir
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