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The most recent publications
PEACE TALKS: "Israel's Conflict as Game Theory"
Published June 2014
Earlier Israel released 1000 terrorists with blood on their hands, to free its captured soldier, Gilead Schalit. This year Israel released 86 convicted Arab murderer terrorists, to bring the Palestinians to the peace negotiating table. Then Mahmoud Abbas left the negotiations and announced a deal with Hamas. Had he negotiated in good faith? Or simply took the merchandise and left without paying. What is wrong with Israel's negotiations? A Nobel Prize winning expert tells what to do.
Peace Talk Secrets! - Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat
Published May 2014
Endre Mozes
We don't know much about the representatives of Hamas, internationally recognized as a terror organization. The Palestinian Authority must be much better. Let's see, Dr Saeb Erekat is their official Chief Peace Negotiator. Both direct and indirect peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians through US mediation are suspended for many months now and Erekat has been the leading opponent of renewing the peace talks. He speaks always about the Palestinian desire for just peace and blames Isra
Published January 2013
Eric Hoffer, LA Times, May 26th, 1968
The Jews are alone in the world.
If Israel survives, it will be solely because of Jewish efforts. And Jewish resources.
Yet at this moment, Israel is our only reliable and unconditional ally.
We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us.
And one has only to imagine what would have happened last summer [1967] had the Arabs and their Russian backers won the war, to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West in general.
Finland ’s foreign policy in the process of radicalization?
Published April 2012
Tomas Sandell
Finland ’s foreign policy has traditionally been characterized by caution and realism. Whereas for a long time our political leaders had to pursue a policy of appeasement, after joining the EU Finland has tried to find a more independent line.
After a number of statements and decisions that drew attention in recent weeks, however, there arises a question: is Finland ’s pragmatic foreign policy being radicalized under the Social Democrats’ leadership?
Shall Finland support the EU-labeled terro
Japanese must tap their 'inner Israeli'
Published January 2012
Israel and the Apartheid Slander
Published November 2011
Richard J. Goldstone
Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech to U.S. Congress
Published May 2011
Published March 2011
The Guardian's Assault on Peace in the Middle East
Published February 2011
Ron Prosor
Why the Call to "Boycott Israel" Is Crap
Published January 2011
Bernard-Henri Lévy
One boycotts totalitarian regimes, not democracies. One can boycott Sudan, guilty of the extermination of part of the population of Darfur. Or, as we once did to the fascist generals' Argentina or Brezhnev's USSR, one could boycott those Arab regimes whose citizens' freedom of expression is forbidden and punished, if necessary, in blood...
Regardless of what its promoters and its useful idiots say, the only real goal of their boycott campaign is the deligitimization of Israel.

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